Halloween Madness 2017: Division Finals are Now Open!


We’re in the home stretch for Halloween Madness 2017, and it’s time for the division finals! Our Elite 8 is extremely stacked, but we found our way to some upsets in the last round. Without further ado, we’re going to give you those results, and jump into our Divisional Finals!

Halloween Madness Sweet Sixteen Results

First up, the modern nightmare-inducing clown, Pennywise, took on the actual demon of nightmares, Freddy Krueger. In a 66% to 34% victory, Freddy took care of the clown monster from the sewers. Pennywise was the last vote-in monster in the competition and ran through Jigsaw and Dracula to get to the Sweet 16. Nice run for the sewer clown to say the least.

Next up, struggling writer Jack Torrence took on the champ of Crystal Lake, Jason Vorhees. In one of the closer matches of the round, Jack took an ax to Jason, winning 60% to 40%. The battle was close, but I’m a little sad we won’t get Freddy vs. Jason in the divisional finals. That said, Freddy vs. Jack should still be intriguing.

The Craven Division was a little more one-sided. The Xenomorphs bullied Buffalo Bill in a 72% to 28% victory. Buffalo Bill had a surprisingly strong run, but our favorite Alien seems like it could be one of the strongest in the competition. That said, the Xenomorphs are about to face off against Norman Bates, who easily defeated The Babadook 83% to 17%. The black and white icon rolled over the demon spirit monster, but the Babadook still asserted itself as a modern horror icon with its run.

The Lugosi Division started with a blowout, with Hannibal Lecter defeating Frankenstein’s Monster in a 74% to 26% victory. That officially eliminates the last member of the Universal Monster franchise, but they had a good run. The second match was much closer and flipped back and forth on several occasions while voting was open. Regan/Pazuzu took on The Thing, and it was a close match. However, Regan’s supporters came through in a burst at the end and sealed the victory with a 57% to 43% win.

Finally, the Hitchcock Division offered up some real fun. The first matchup was between Michael Myers and Bruce the Shark from “Jaws.” Another tough fought match between icons resulted in a 62% to 38% win for Michael, who looks to hold onto the crown for best slasher villain. However, he’ll have to keep his crown against the winner of the most interesting match of the round.

In a 1-seed versus 4-seed matchup, Leatherface took on Ghostface. I joked last round that the “face-off” was one to watch, and it did not disappoint. With a new film releasing, and the death of legendary horror director Tobe Hooper, Leatherface seemed poised to go deep into the tournament. However, Ghostface got strong support and earned the first victory over a 1-seed, 62% to 38%.  It was a surprising result, but sets up another excellent matchup in our divisional finals!

Vote Now in the Halloween Madness 2017 Divisional Finals! 

Now that we’ve recapped the last round, let’s look ahead. Other than Ghostface (a 4-seed) facing off against Michael Myers, the rest of the 1s and 2s made it to the divisional finals. We’re now in horror icon battle territory, so we’re excited to see the results. We have Hannibal Lecter versus ReganNorman Bates versus Xenomorphs, and Jack Torrence versus Freddy Krueger. Get ready for some great matchups. It should be a fun one!



Who do you think has the advantage in the Divisional Rounds? Who do you have in the Final 4? Let us know in the comments below! 

Halloween Madness Round 4 Closes on October 21st.