HBO Teases Avid ‘Westworld Fans’ With Secret Website For Five Sister Parks to Westworld


HBO delighted sci-fi fans between plays on Sunday night’s Super Bowl with the premiere of a full trailer for the upcoming season of “Westworld.” But that’s not all that the network divulged: fans on Reddit discovered a hidden Easter egg that leads to a secret website called Delos Destinations, which offers a slideshow of another five sister parks to Westworld.

However, the stream-lined, tourism-themed site only shows us the slide for Westworld, with the other five park slides blocked with the message “reservations are closed to the public,” on top of flashing images of what the parks look like. Basically, the slides are a tease for hardcore “Westworld” fans to pick apart in the weeks leading up to Season 2’s premiere. As per the first season’s finale, /Film notes that we know one of the other five parks is called “S-World,” standing for Samurai or Shogun world; they posit possibilities for the other worlds to include Medieval World, Roman World and Futureworld.

The site also reveals an alternate trailer to the Super Bowl spot, which gives a glimpse of James Delos (Peter Mullan, “Top of the Lake”), a bleeding Thandie Newton (“Rogue”) and a first look at a new Native American character, played by Zahn McClamon (“Fargo”). Watch the alternate trailer here.

“Westworld” is set in an adult Wild West theme park, where visitors roleplay with android “host” who’ve begun to gain sentience and no longer want to live in the insular world. The series stars Jeffrey Wright (“The Hunger Games” series), Evan Rachel Wood (“The Ides of March), James Marsden (“The Female Brain”), Jimmi Simpson (“House of Cards”) and Newton. Joining Season 2 are Gustaf Skarsgard (“Vikings”), Fares Fares (“Tyrant”), Katja Herbers (“The Leftovers”) and Neil Jackson.

“Westworld” premieres its second season on April 22. Watch the Super Bowl trailer again below.

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