Ant-Man-Comic-Con_612x380Marvel is certainly looking to turn the tide of public opinion on Ant-Man. They suffered a publicity hit for sure when Edgar Wright left the project and a wave of other filmmakers flirted with but seemed to turn down the gig. Eventually, director Peyton Reed was hired for the job and things are back on track. Now, with Comic-Con on the horizon and the studio doing press all over the place for Guardians of the Galaxy, they’ve decided to get a little bullish on the film, dropping a Teaser Poster of sorts. You can see the full image below from Entertainment Weekly, but it looks like a nice first glance at the flick. For those who don’t remember, the movie does star the likes of Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, so it’s still got lots of potential. We’ll see next year when it opens in July, but I haven’t given up on Ant-Man just yet…

Here’s the Comic-Com Poster from EW:
Ant-Man-Comic-Con_612x942 big
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