Holy Glee! What just happened?

glee2Holy Glee! If you haven’t seen the midseason finale to Glee yet, stop reading. I’m serious. Don’t read any further.

*spoilers ahead*

Season three of Glee is by far the best season of the series. The characters are developed, the writing is better, and the suspense is high. ‘On my way’ was most definitely the best episode of the entire series and not only taught many lessons but made the viewer’s wish April was tomorrow.

Again, I will say, spoilers ahead.

The good things that happened in this episode, Sue Sylvester is pregnant. She is now happy and cheery and wants to help the Glee club? She has spent two and a half seasons trying to sabotage them and now that she has a bun in the oven she wants to help them succeed in winning nationals. Oh yea, New Directions won regionals. We’ll get back to that. But what makes the character of Sue Sylvester brilliant is her cynical, blunt, and bitter nature. I can’t imagine this happy attitude she has going on will last very long. The question on my mind is who’s the father of her baby? Dun, Dun, Dun.

Now back to regionals. Yes, New Directions won regionals and beat out the Warblers. Is it me or does it always seem like the New Directions get to perform however many songs they want but every other school gets at most two?

Since Sue is in such a great mood she let Quinn Fabray back on the Cheerios squad. The uniform and pony tail look is back! Yay!

Now to the events that lead to a big WTF out of my mouth.

Dave Karofsky

Now, do we all remember who Dave Karofsky is? If you don’t here’s a refresher, he’s the guy that harassed Kurt for being gay, then told Kurt he is gay, and then harassed Kurt more for being gay, then got expelled from school for threating to kill Kurt for being gay, and then started hitting on Kurt because he wanted to be exclusive gay couple. Yea, this guy is confused, but nevertheless, during the Valentine’s Day episode Dave was seen with Kurt holding hands (because Dave wanted to be Kurt’s valentine) and when someone saw that happen the guys at Dave’s school wrote a gay slur on his locker and began harassing him on Facebook. Dave, in a confused and helpless state, decides to kill himself. Luckily, Dave doesn’t succeed, and many characters now see things differently.

But his attempted suicide resulted in a touching moment between Dave and Kurt. Also, it made Sebastian change and apologize for all of his wrong doing. So I guess that means he’ll stop being such an evil, sinister little man.

So, lesson number one; don’t be a douche. Accept people for who they are and don’t harass them. You never know what they will do.

In the wake of Karofsky’s suicide attempt, Finchel (Rachel & Finn) decides to move their wedding date up to right after regionals and get married in a court house. It is such a busy day in Glee world and Rachel and the glee girls somehow manage to find fitted dresses in a short period of time. Both sets of parents are totally against their kids getting married so young and begin to devise a plan to stop it. This plan isn’t meant to be taken seriously because it is so ridiculous, so they instead just sit there and let it happen.

Before the wedding begins, Rachel has all the girls from Glee club in there bridesmaid’s gowns sitting tight waiting for Quinn to show up because she forgot her dress at home. Quinn, while driving, sends a text to Rachel that she will be there soon. Rachel, while panicking, texts Quinn and tells her to hurry. Quinn ignores the text until Rachel sends yet another one asking where she is, and Quinn finally responds with “on my way”. As she is responding to the text, she runs a stop sign and wham, is hit by a car.

Lesson number two: don’t text and drive. Also, if you know someone is driving, don’t text them. Cause wham, accident, possible death. This  stuff happens.

I have read certain spoilers that say Quinn doesn’t die but is extremely injured. I guess she won’t be dancing around with New Directions at nationals then. And it’s so sad too; especially right after Quinn was invited back on to the Cheerios.

But also, what does that mean for Finchel, and specifically Rachel given she is the person who sent the texts. Does the wedding go on? Rachel was very strict about waiting until Quinn arrived, so in the wake of this terrible, life threatening event, I’m sure there is no wedding.

I bet there parents didn’t see that one coming.

But at least now we know that after the accident Rachel will become even more self-obsessed. And we thought things were going to change. Psh.

In one episode our emotions were rattled to the core and made us wonder what will happen to our favorite characters. Best episode of Glee… ever.

So here are the questions we should all be wondering;

What will happen to Quinn?
Who is Sue’s baby daddy?
Is Sue sincere about helping the Glee club?
Does Finchel get married?
How self-obsessed will Rachel become after being the main cause of Quinn’s accident?
Will this be the last we see of Dave Karofsky?
What songs will the Glee club sing during the returning episode? Maybe they’ll write an original song about not texting and driving.
Did we take the lessons Glee wanted us to walk away with seriously?

Tune in April 10th for the return of Glee.

What do you think?

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Written by Anna Young

I’ve grown up always being able to share my love of film with others. What makes it particularly important to me is that my passion started with my parents and my best friend Caitlin. Whether it has been spending the whole day at the theater with my parents, or sitting on the floor of a movie store for hours with Caitlin, this love of mine has always been a huge part of who I am. This love affair has been going strong for over a decade. My name is Anna and I’m in love with film.

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John Rivera

When I saw Quinn texting in this episode I knew that a car would hit her. But I was like Ughhh because we have to wait until April. As for Karofsky I kinda hate to say this but I believe he deserved the bullying because I believe in a little thing called Karma. We all know what that means. What goes around comes around.


“Maybe they’ll write an original song about not texting and driving.” Probably very possible considering some of the things they’ve done. The song about a hairbrush comes to mind. The writers seem to have a habit of destroying their own bad guys and then giving them a split-second turn back whenever it’s convenient. I take the show for what it is, a way to sell commercials, er, I mean, mindless entertainment that every now and then has a truly good episode. This one was pretty predictable. As soon as Karofsky walked out of the locker room you knew he was… Read more »



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