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‘House of Cards’ Shows Off Key Art for Final Season Starring Robin Wright

Robin Wright House of Cards

Netflix continues to be a mover and shaker on the television front, but less than a decade ago, they were still new to the game. The show that really changed Netflix into the eventual player it would become was “House of Cards,” a series focused on political power and maneuvers in Washington. The show starred Kevin SpaceyRobin Wright and Michael Kelly. It quickly became a sensation, and each of the big three actors on board earned Emmy nominations. However, after the allegations about Spacey came out during the MeToo movement, Spacey was dismissed from the show. Now the show is entering a new era with Robin Wright.

HouseOfCards S6 Vertical Main USThe image showcases Wright as the new president, calling back to previous images from the series. “House of Cards” was already controversial for the way it depicted politics. It was ruthless and surprisingly violent. Spacey became a bit of a caricature, but Wright continued to thrive. There were jokes for some time that Wright should actually have become President, and that turned out to be the direction the show took in its 5th season.

There seemed to be more story to tell, but then incidents with Spacey occurred. When it was revealed that many of his transgressions occurred during “House of Cards” production shut down. The season was reworked and continued without Spacey. While the show likely could have been canceled outright, Wright handled the tumultuous period with poise. This final season seems to be a thank you to her and the rest of the staff as they wrap up the show. This has now become one of the most interesting series to watch in 2018, and how it wraps up the Spacey plotline remains one of the most intriguing mysteries of television. Here’s hoping they stick the landing.

What do you think of the artwork for “House of Cards?” Do you think Wright can finally win her Emmy? Let us know in the comments below! 

“House of Cards” Season 6 drops on November 2nd, 2018 on Netflix. 

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