How I Met Your Mother Recap: 9.02 – “Last Time In New York”


It’s now 52 hours before Barney and Robin’s wedding and the couple is getting ready to welcome elderly members of their family to the hotel in Farhampton.  Weary of having to face their relatives and adamantly against the idea of forfeiting the physical aspect of their relationship due to getting old, they try to prolong meeting with them for as long as possible by scoping out an unexpected place in which to do the “deed.”  Although they never find the perfect place, they do find that in spite of getting old, their flame for one another will never die.

Meanwhile, Marshall is on his way from Minnesota with baby Marvin and Daphne, who was kicked off the plane with him in the previous episode.  Already at the hotel are Lily and Ted, who talk about Ted’s upcoming move to Chicago when he shows her a list of things he’s like to do before leaving New York, all of which make Lily sad.  Lily is troubled that she’s still the only one who knows about Ted’s plan to leave and she urges him to tell the others, but he doesn’t want to spoil the wedding by dropping that kind of bomb.  She reminds him that even though he’s moving on, he should say goodbye to the bad things he’s leaving behind in New York instead of the happy times and memories he shared with his friends.  Ted crosses off “one last lecture from Lily” from his list.

Finally ready to face Barney after avoiding him for so long, Ted attempts to cross off another item on his list–“one last scotch with Barney”–when Barney blurts out “I saw you and Robin at the carousel,” causing Ted to dramatically drop and shatter the 600 year old bottle of scotch he’d been saving for the occasion.

Ted’s been anchoring the more serious storyline early in the final season so far, but there was no sighting of The Mother this week after her exciting intro in the first episode, so we’ll see what’s in store next.

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