How I Met Your Mother Recap: 9.06: Knight Vision


45 hours before the wedding: Barney is trying to set Ted up with a weekend wedding hookup, offering him three potential prospects, of which Ted chooses the emotionally unstable Cassie.  He realizes too late, and tries to weasel his way out of being her crying shoulder but she latches onto him like a leech, bombarding him with one breakdown after another.

Robin and Barney’s minister, played by Robert Hermann, arrives at the hotel and Lily learns that they’ve used her and Marshall’s “how we met story” The minister misunderstands and confronts Lily for stealing Robin and Barney’s story and urges the couple to reconsider allowing Lily to be their Maid of Honor.  Unable to take the guilt, they admit to the minister they lied about how they met and he dies from shock.

Meanwhile, Marshall is still on his road trip, during which Daphne tries to convince him to tell Lily about his new job offer and they rehearse how the breaking of the news might transpire.  When Marshall finds out Daphne is a lobbyist for big oil companies, they get into an argument.  Once they calm down, they apologize but Daphne admits that while they stopped for gas, she texted Lily the news about Marshall’s job.  The episode ends with a frantic Marshall receiving a call presumably from Lily.