How I Met Your Mother Recap: 9.08 – “The Lighthouse”


33 Hours before the wedding and still no wedding but another very welcome sighting of the Mother.  But first, Marshall and Daphne are still road tripping and trying to work out their differences while they’re cooped up in close quarters together.

Robin and Loretta, Barney’s mother, are still feuding.  Barney’s mother claims to be the best scramble egg maker in the world and Robin challenges her by claiming her mother is actually the best.  When Loretta serves her eggs and everyone at the hotel restaurant loves them, Robin tries her hand at preparing breakfast but concedes defeat.  Loretta makes a jab at what kind of breakfast Robin will serve her children, and Robin reveals that that won’t be an issue since she can’t have children.  To add more drama, Robin breaks the news that her mother won’t be able to make it to the wedding.  Loretta finally softens to Robin and tells her to call her mom.

The hotel front desk manager hesitant is to let Ted, a lonely bachelor, go to the lighthouse, a romantic and elevated landmark, alone.  Lily urges Ted to take a risk by inviting Cassie (the overly emotional girl he tried to hook up with but ended up consoling the night before) to the lighthouse.  He decides to be optimistic and settle for Cassie, but gets sick when they get to the top of the lighthouse.  Later, he admits he feels he wasted the perfect moment at the romantic spot by bringing the wrong girl.  Flash forward to two years in the future and Ted is back at the lighthouse with the Mother, where he finally proposes to her.

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