barney stinson player king
Though it’s really a filler episode and falls far off the main story of wedding, this fully-rhymed installment is a jovial delight.  Marshall and Marvin are on a tour bus heading to the rehearsal dinner, but Marshall forgot Marvin’s rhyme book that he needs to get him to sleep and must now resort to coming up with his own rhymed stories.

Story #1: “Moseby at Bat,” in which about Ted scores a date with another teacher on campus who hopes to learn some pointers on conducting engaging lectures.  As it turns out, she dated a New York Yankee and when Ted asks which one, she shows him a picture of herself with Barney wearing a shirt reading “Jeter.”

Story #2: “Robin Takes the Cake,” in which Robin has just broken up with a boyfriend and goes to a bakery to gorge on cake where she meets an ex-boyfriend, Simon (James Van der Beek).  In her vulnerable state, he tells her he’s engaged and she steals his wedding cake and with the intent to eat her feelings.  After she devours half of the multi-tiered cake, Lily encourages her to finish the whole thing as a sign of defiance and victory.  Robin washes down the cake by finishing off a whole keg of beer and ends the night getting her stomach pumped.

Story #3 (Best story): “Barney Stinson: Player King of New York City, in which Barney sees a girl at the bar whom Lily says is out of his league and he accepts her challenge.   He declares: “There’s no girl too pretty, for I am Barney Stinson, player king of New York City.  Ted defies him with the taunt, “you can’t anoint yourself the King, like that jerk Lebron.”  Barney tells of a time he picked up a girl outside of his territory and is called before the Council of Players.  The settlement is for Barney to grant each member of the council a lady of their choosing.  They choose Robin and Lily, but Barney counters their moves by poisoning them and claiming his rightful place as king.

The tour bus has a flat tire and they’re sidetracked for awhile and Marshall decides to walk the remaining five miles to the Farhampton Inn.