Welcome to the inaugural edition of ICYMI (which translates to ‘in case you missed it,’ in case you are over the age of 35 and do not have teenagers). Each Monday, we will be posting the best of the clips you might have missed because you don’t spend twelve hours a day on your couch watching youtube.

Thanksgiving week 2015- The week in which Adele gave me my whole life. All of it. We were gifted with an album, countless late-night appearances, and a comedy bit with a prosthetic chin. In preparation for a family holiday plopped in the middle of a (currently absurd) Presidential campaign season, SNL advised that we have a fur coat, wind machine, and sepia filter on call for dinner.

Staying on message, Adele also performed in a tiny dressing room with The Roots and toy instruments- something I didn’t even know I was thirsty for. I watched it in my car, alone, a cool dozen times. Be everyone’s favorite at lunch and airport it on the conference room tv.


I recently got married and I tell you what, a good 30% of the reason I did it was for the Facebook posts (probably more like 40%). Amy Schumer handed down a very clean explanation of why anyone would sink time, money and a new dress into wedding engagement photos. It only further solidifies her as a voice of the people, particularly the people that devote a good chunk of their lives to doing things for the sole purpose of throwing it in other’s faces (::points at self::). Also, she is hilarious and perfectly self-aware. See below.


I am a profound hater of the original Star Wars movies for a number of reasons, but despite my general distaste, I am pretty hyped for the new episode. Diversity in casting is one of my must haves when I watch big budget movies and it is so rare that the folks at SNL incorporated it into The Force Awakens faux casting auditions. There are some amazing callbacks, a little sardonic racism, and Jon Hamm (please and thank you).

As I said, I was busy with Adele, but long car trips to far-flung family members require a few playlists. Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones offered up some genius in the form of revised pop songs perfect for the holiday. I mostly watch for Rashida Jones and her Drake wiggle, but the clip has a little something for everyone.