‘Indiana Jones 5’ Officially Delayed Until 2021


After last month’s news that “Indiana Jones 5” would not be out in July of 2020, Variety is now reporting that the release date has officially shifted to July of 2021.

Already fraught with delays, rumors of production issues, and script re-writes, this new release date will leave many wondering if this sequel will ever see a movie screen.

The film does reunite director Steven Spielberg with the one true Dr. Jones: Harrison Ford. And the most recent update still lists David Koepp as the screenwriter. They have not issued an official reason for the shifting release dates, but the film does not yet have an official title, and the studio has given no plot details.

The pressure is on for “Indiana Jones 5,” now due some 11 years after the most recent installment in the franchise.

“Raiders of the Lost Ark” was the highest grossing film of 1981. It won four Academy Awards and scored nominations for Spielberg as Director and for Best Picture. Only five years into the age of blockbusters, that was a major feat.

The follow-up, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” followed in 1984. The sequel that was actually a prequel, was the third highest grosser that year, behind “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Ghostbusters.” “Temple of Doom” also won an Oscar for Visual Effects, as well as a nomination for composer John Williams.

Five years later, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” swept into town and followed its predecessors. It was the second highest grossing film of 1989, behind only “Batman.” “The Last Crusade” also won an Oscar for Sound Effects Editing, with additional nominations for Sound and Score.

It was nearly twenty years, though, before Indiana Jones returned to the silver screen. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was released in May of 2008. Despite wide critical panning, it still managed to be the third highest earner of the year, behind another Batman film, “The Dark Knight,” and also “Iron Man.” This time around, though, there were no Oscar nominations and many thought we had seen the last of our favorite archaeologist.

Over the years, Spielberg has talked about his next adventure. He discussed the possibility of gender-swapping the role. There has been discussion of prequels, or continuing the story with a new generation.

But then they confirmed that Harrison Ford would, indeed, don the fedora one more time. And now we wait and see.

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