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Interview: Alexa L. Fogel Shares the Story of ‘A Secret Love’

The award-winning casting director and producer finds beauty in the ordinary story of two extraordinary women.

Image from A SECRET LOVE
Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel, "A Secret Love"

Alexa L. Fogel has been working as a producer and casting director in film and television for years. She has won three Emmy awards for casting the 90s drama “NYPD Blue” and the recent HBO series “True Detective.” She has earned many additional nominations, including two last year for both “Pose” and the Netflix series, “Ozark.”

Fogel has also produced films including “Helena from the Wedding” and “One Last Thing.” She was excited to produce the documentary “A Secret Love” after discussing the project with director Chris Bolan.

Bolan wanted to tell the story of his extraordinary aunts, Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel. In 1947, Donahue was a player in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League when she met and fell in love with Henschel. Because of the discrimination of the time period, they kept their relationship a secret from family, letting everyone believe they were simply roommates and best friends.

As Terry faced diminishing health from Parkinson’s Disease, the couple decided to tell the truth to Terry’s family. The documentary follows Pat and Terry through the final five years of Terry’s life, with a tender and emotional look at the difficult conversations that arise as part of the process of aging. It is a beautiful film about a 70-year love story.

This week, we spoke with Alexa Fogel about getting to know Pat and Terry, the journey to tell their story, and how this work differs from her so many of her other projects.

Awards Circuit would like to thank Alexa L. Fogel for speaking with us.

You can watch “A Secret Love,” “The Politician,” and “Ozark” on Netflix.

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