J.C. Chandor Likely Signing On to Direct Tom Hanks and Will Smith in ‘Triple Frontier’


JC_2-1400x480If the name Triple Frontier sounds familiar, that’s probably because this was originally supposed to be a Kathryn Bigelow/Mark Boal production, going back to around the time of Zero Dark Thirty. They’d toyed with it for a while, but with the duo currently entrenched in a Bowe Bergdahl movie, it seems like a new director has come aboard. Reports have none other than J.C. Chandor likely to sign on for helming duties here, with initially courted stars Tom Hanks and Will Smith still circling close for main roles. Chandor was apparently looking for something on the bigger side after leaving Deepwater Horizon, which makes sense considering he had told me in an interview (found here) why it was something he wanted to attempt. This would be a whole new genre for him, but if we’ve learned one thing about Chandor as a filmmaker so far, it’s that he can slide seamlessly from one to another. It seems like Boal will still be credited with the screenplay, so it’s basically just a substitution of Chandor for Bigelow, provided Hanks and Smith wind up signing on. The film is a look at organized crime in South America and likely will be an awards player, so this is one to definitely keep an eye on. Triple Frontier could wind up being a 2016 Oscar contender if things move fast, so stay tuned for more…


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