WATCH: J.J. Abrams and Paramount Release ‘Overlord’ Trailer

Jovan Adepo Overlord

Whenever we hear that J.J. Abrams is involved with a film, you know you’re in for a spectacle. Unfortunately, these spectacles don’t always live up to the hype. Even so, features like “10 Cloverfield Lane” continue to inspire faith in the director’s work as a producer. One film that has had a bullseye on it was “Overlord,” a World War II piece. Rumors have swirled the feature will be another “Cloverfield” film. Others have said it is something different. We got our first trailer from Paramount today, so we can finally dive in.

Wyatt Russell OverlordWhat looks like a blending of sci-fi, horror, and World War II films could be an exciting blockbuster in November. The trailer absolutely works, accompanied by an AC/DC rock track. The film features crazy action sequences, extreme violence, and death abound. The trailer follows Jovan Adepo (“Fences,” “The Leftovers“) as he goes into battle on D-Day. Wyatt Russell leads Adepo’s unit straight into a Nazi lab. One thing is certain: they find something very weird.

Relative unknown Julius Avery will handle directing duties. Oscar-nominee Billy Ray handled the screenplay with Mark L. Smith for the sci-fi epic. “Overlord” will be Bad Robot‘s first R-rated movie. There’s talent all around the film, and with a cool concept, it could become one of the bigger hits of November. There’s a small chance “Overlord” crosses into that territory, but it sure looks like it could be a crowd pleaser for November audiences.

What do you think of the “Overlord” Trailer? Is it just a box office play? Or is Abrams up to something? Let us know in the comments below!

“Overlord” is set to premiere on Nov. 9, 2018. Paramount will handle distribution.

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