J.J. Abrams rumored to be the front-runner to direct ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

745ce9bd-6b6b-4c31-9cea-84eb706ba3a2Consider this just a rumor for now, but if it turns out to be true, then this could really bode well for the quality of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (side note: I always mistakenly call it The Force Unleashed for some reason). Yes, a report has Episode VII helmer J.J. Abrams being courted to return for the final sequel in the main franchise and considered the front-runner for the job. Essentially, Abrams would take a break while Rian Johnson wrote and directed Episode VIII as well as a treatment for Episode IX, with Abrams coming back to finish the job. I’m not sure Abrams is my first choice (for some reason I’d really love to see Jon Favreau get a crack at it, among other names), but if he knocked The Force Awakens out of the park, then I certainly don’t have any problems with this. With the recent news that the Gareth Edwards standalone Star Wars project would be called Star Wars: Rogue One, things are moving along nicely in the universe. I assume before the end of the year we might even know the title of Episode VIII, if not also the title of the project from Josh Trank. Stay tuned to see if Abrams does come back to direct Episode IX, which is still not coming out until 2019, but if he does, that will signal a huge vote of confidence from the folks at Disney. Sit tight for more…


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