Jake Gyllenhaal In Talks to Play Villain in Next ‘Spider-Man’ Film


You have got to give Marvel credit. Kevin Feige and the braintrust that forms the Marvel Cinematic Universe are aces when it comes to casting. Even when a movie of theirs has issues, the casting is never one of them. While the MCU, up until recently, had a bit of a villain problem, the actors and actresses they’ve been recruiting are always top notch. The last few films have seemingly fixed that character issue, so that bodes well for the road ahead. That’s even more so the case in the wake of news that Jake Gyllenhaal could be the latest A-lister to join the super villain club for them.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to play the bad guy in the next “Spider-Man” outing. He would be taking on the role of Mysterio, an expect in illusions and special effects. That certainly gives returning director Jon Watts some interesting visual ideas to play with. In addition, this seemingly would thoroughly scratch Gyllenhaal off the list of potential new Batman players. You really can’t go wrong with Gyllenhaal in general, so this is top notch casting by Marvel.

Here is some of the THR story:

Jake Gyllenhaal is ready to bring a little mystery to the Spider-Man universe.

The actor is in talks to play the classic Marvel villain Mysterio in the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Spider-Man creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced Mysterio in the comics in 1964. A special effects expert, Quentin Beck used his talents to create elaborate illusions to commit crimes and to fight Spider-Man.

Gyllenhaal has an interesting history with Spider-Man. Original Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire injured his back while shooting Seabiscuit in between Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 2 (2004), and Gyllenhaal was briefly considered to take over the role if Maguire could not resume his duties. Maguire was able to return to work, and the filmmakers put a joke about Spider-Man hurting his back into the sequel.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2” (or whatever it ends up being called) hits theaters next summer. We’ll likely hear a lot more casting news for the film in the near future, so stay tuned.