James Franco In Talks to Join X-Men Universe as Multiple Man

James Franco

James Franco is still making the publicity rounds for his current film, but he may already be eyeing his next move: into the X-Men universe.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Franco is in talks to play Multiple Man in a stand alone film. Multiple Man (aka Jamie Madrox) is a mutant with the ability to replicate himself. The film would be produced by Fox, which still holds the rights to the X-Men properties. This film is the latest in a flood of universe-expanding mutant movies that includes “Deadpool,” “New Mutants,” and a planned Gambit film starring Channing Tatum. There was also news recently that James Mangold is planning a “Logan” spin-off centered around Dafne Keen’s Laura.

The film is still in the early stages, but will be written by Allan Heinberg. Heinberg has written for several television series, including two Shona Rhimes shows: “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Catch.” He also penned the screenplay for one of this year’s biggest hits, “Wonder Woman.”

Details about the project are still being sorted out. Fox has been branching out with their X-Men properties, playing with different genres. “Deadpool” was most definitely a raunchy comedy that earned its R rating. Earlier this year, “Logan” took on a sort of modern western feel. In April, “New Mutants” will thrill audiences as a horror film set in a psychiatric hospital. Whether Multiple Man will stay within a comfortable genre or branch into new territory remains to be seen.

There is not a projected release date yet, nor a director.

What do you think of James Franco playing Multiple Man? Who should direct? And what genre would you like to see? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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Written by Karen M. Peterson

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