originalWell, this is quite the juicy rumor. Apparently, word has been making its way around the internet that Jennifer Lawrence is at least in talks to be a part of Quentin Tarantino‘s new film The Hateful Eight. There’s already reports that a Teaser Trailer (with no actual footage, since the movie hasn’t gone before the cameras yet) is attached to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For this weekend, but now we could see Lawrence hitch her wagon to Tarantino. QT could probably do a lot with someone of her talent level, so if this comes to pass, I’ll be keen to see how it turns out. You can see more below, but stay tuned to see if this rumor turns into an official bit of casting for The Hateful Eight

Here’s the relevant part of an article from Collider:

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s trailer description for The Hateful Eight, we’ve learned a little more about the highly-anticipated Western. We can say that Lawrence is in talks to join the film, and this is not a “wish-list” thing where she’s one of many actresses being considered for a role.

Lawrence’s entrance into the casting process is interesting for a couple reasons. First, as we learned from the trailer, presumably only one of the “Hateful Eight” is a female: Daisy Domergue, “The Prisoner”. Amber Tamblyn and Zoe Bell read the roles of Daisy and Six Horse Judy, respectively, during the live-read of the script, but the official cast for the film has yet to be announced. Tarantino did further work on the screenplay after the live-read, so it’s possible that Lawrence is playing one of the two aforementioned roles or someone else entirely.

We don’t know how much of Mockingjay – Part 2 the actress has left to film (there will likely be additional photography at some point next year), and she’s also attached to lead David O. Russell‘s Joy, where she plays the lead role of Joy Mangano, a Long Island native and single mother of three who developed the prototype for the Miracle Mop in 1990. That movie is set for release on December 25, 2015. The Hateful Eight is also set for a 2015 release, but we don’t know where on the calendar. Tarantino’s film is scheduled to begin shooting early next year. So ultimately her involvement might boil down to scheduling.
Again, her involvement is The Hateful Eight is subject to change, but it’s an exciting prospect for Lawrence to play a role in a Quentin Tarantino picture.

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