When it comes to Wes Anderson (especially of late), I often find myself admiring one part of his work while shaking my head at another. When it comes to Johnny Depp, I often can praise his talent and dedication to the role while being borderline disgusted by the types of roles he’s been taking recently. Now, word comes from Deadline here that Anderson has cast Depp as his lead in his next project. It’s called The Grand Budapest Hotel, and after the jump you can see who else might be in it, but suffice to say this flick could either be just what both men need or a real mess in the making. We shall see, but take a look below at who might be joining Depp.

Along with Johnny Depp, Wes Anderson would like to bring back regulars Bill Murray and Owen Wilson. No huge surprise there, but among the other names he’s looking at, we have the likes of Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Jude Law, Edward Norton and Angela Lansbury as well. An interesting assortment to say the least, with a few people he’s worked with before, along with some new faces too. I’m intrigued, but still wary, as you’d guess since it’s Anderson.

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