Jonathan Levine, Ted Melfi, and Jon Watts are finalists to direct the new ‘Spider-Man’ film

8e343fe62cb3fba6aca7eaf86e9bee16b8b63a48.jpg__940x420_q85_crop-smart_subject_location-591,316_upscaleYou the reader made no secret of your displeasure with most of the choices up for the role of Spider-Man, but that was kind compared to your thoughts on the people up for the directing job of the upcoming solo Spidey outing. So, I’m not sure how much comfort this will be, but reports have the best two original candidates for the job as finalists. Those would be Jonathan Levine and Ted Melfi, which has Jared Hess and Jason Moore out of the running (the team of John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein are apparently still in the mix, but not the favorites). Radio silence on Drew Goddard too, so I assume he’s not happening anymore either, despite likely being the best choice that could have been made. Interestingly enough, there are apparently a few other names on the finalist, well…list, though right now only Jon Watts is the only one we know of. Levine has 50/50 and The Wackness among his credits, while Melfi is coming off of St. Vincent, and Watts has the upcoming Sundance alum Cop Car on his resume. No one here is likely to set the world on fire, but with a solid script (the writer is still to be hired) and whomever Marvel/Sony decide on to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in what might be titled Spider-Man: The New Avenger. Levine would be my pick (pictured below) of the current group of finalists, but that’s just me. Stay tuned, as we’ll bring you the choice for the director’s chair when we have it…


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