Kevin Smith has funding for ‘Hit Somebody’ and will shoot it in 2015


kevin_smith-610x406If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith like I am, you’ve been anxiously awaiting an update on his hockey epic Hit Somebody. Originally intended to be his follow up to Red State, Smith then struggled to find financing, also going back and forth on exactly how to make the movie. Initially just one film, it then became a two parter before going back to a single flick, finally ending up a television miniseries. Now, it might actually be a movie again, as Smith revealed to Slashfilm that funding has been secured for Hit Somebody. Ironically, it was Tusk that helped it along (also getting funding set up for his currently shooting Yoga Hosers as well as still to be shot Clerks III and Moose Jaws), which is interesting considering that Tusk partially grew out of the excess Canada tales he had wanted to sprinkle throughout the hockey picture. For those of you who don’t know, Hit Somebody is based off of a touching Warren Zevon song of the same name that author Mitch Album actually wrote for him (listen to it here), so it’s got a different pedigree than you’d expect. I’ve always liked the song a lot, watch a decent amount of hockey, and obviously am big on Smith (praising Tusk quite a bit, as you can read right here), so I can’t wait for it to finally get made. Stay tuned for more on Hit Somebody, including whether it’s going to ultimately be a film or a miniseries (I hope the former, personally), once we have it.


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