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(New York, NY – July 17, 2019) – The Latino Entertainment Journalists Association announced the opening of new members for the film division of the organization.  LEJA launched with its inaugural membership of 24 Latino/a/x journalists from all across the United States of America last December.  Along with the opening of the new members to the film division, the organization is also accepting applications for the new television division, which looks to enrich, empower, and recognize outstanding Latino/a/x journalists who cover television and streaming.
Moving forward, every July will be the time in which new membership applications open up.  It will begin July 1 and close on July 31.  For this year, new membership applications will remain open until July 31 @ 11:59 PT.  In the film division, LEJA is only accepting up to ten new members.  For the inaugural television division, up to 25 members will be accepted for this round.
In order to be considered for LEJA, the applicant must meet the following qualifications:
  • Be a journalist working in the field of entertainment. This includes film and television journalists whose coverage is aired or read on a regular basis.
  • Any and all applicants must have no less than 50 reviews, articles (this can include features and interviews), or aired segments per the calendar year. For this year’s application process, all writings must have been published between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018. This includes television, internet, radio, and podcasts. Each outlet must meet a circulation minimum as determined by the LEJA board and membership committee.
  • Applicants must have at least 3 years working in entertainment news with one of those years being with their current outlet on a consistent basis. The membership committee can vote for exceptions in extenuating instances for freelancers.
  • Television/radio journalists must be on a station or inside a station group in the top 50 markets. They must be featured as an entertainment journalist and have maintained a frequency of coverage throughout the calendar year.
  • Internet/podcast journalists must be featured on a website as either the founder or lead contributor (or equivalent) that is known throughout the industry.  These articles and reviews must be read by a large enough audience, as determined by the membership committee, in order to qualify. Traffic, social media, and reach will all be taken into account.

New Member Applications can be found here or by going to this link: (

In order to continue LEJA’s mission to inspire and galvanize our Latino families, from all communities, and amplify their voices in the area of entertainment journalism, the television arm of the organization will now be formed, along with the announcement of the awards calendar.  The categories that will be voted on will be announced at a later date.
The official voting timeline for the TV awards are as follows:
  • Sunday, September 1, 2019 – Nomination voting ballots sent to LEJA TV members.
  • Sunday, September 8, 2019 – Deadline for LEJA TV members to turn in nomination ballots.
  • Tuesday, September 10, 2019 – TV nominations and final ballots sent to LEJA TV membership internally.
  • Sunday, September 15, 2019 – Final winner ballots due at 12:00 pm EST.
  • Sunday, September 15, 2019 – Nominations and winners announced on LEJA social media platforms beginning at 3:00 pm EST.

The inaugural 2019 Latino Entertainment TV Awards will take place on Sunday, September 15, 2019.  The inaugural membership will vote and announce their selections of the best television programs on LEJA’s social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The organization has also made changes for the upcoming 2nd Annual Latino Entertainment Film Awards.  The following official categories will be active and voted on by the film members, with their official category naming:
  • Best Picture
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role
  • Best Voice or Motion Capture Performance
  • Best Animated Film
  • Best Foreign Language Film
  • Best Documentary Film
  • Best Original Screenplay
  • Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Best Ensemble Casting
  • Best Production & Set Design
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Editing
  • Best Hair and Makeup Design
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Stunt Design
  • Best Musical Score
  • Best Song Written for a Film
  • The 2019 Rita Moreno Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The 2019 Latino Activism Award
  • The 2019 Latino Breakout Award

The 2019-2020 awards calendar for the film division are as follows:

  • Thursday, December 19, 2019 – Nomination ballots sent to LEJA film membership.
  • Thursday, January 2, 2020 – Nominations ballots due at 12:00 pm EST.
  • Sunday, January 5, 2020 – LEJA film members receive nominations and final ballots internally.
  • Sunday, January 19, 2020 – Final winners ballots due at 12:00 pm EST.
  • Sunday, January 19, 2020 – 2nd Annual Latino Entertainment Film Awards announced on social media platforms beginning at 3:00 pm EST.
Last year, LEJA awarded Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” with nine individual citations including Best Picture of the Year.  LEJA formed in 2018, with a diverse mix of entertainment journalists who specialize in film in multiple markets all over the U.S. and its territories.
These announcements come off the heels of the exciting announcement that LEJA has joined the newly formed Critics Group for Equality in Media (CGEM) coalition in an effort to push the conversation around diversity while fostering a stance for inclusivity in the media and in the entertainment industry. Latino Entertainment Journalists Association is one of six organizations, including African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), Asian American Journalists Association Features Forum (AAJA), Online Association of Female Film Critics (OAFFC) and Time’s Up Entertainment.
When LEJA formed in 2018, President and Founder Clayton Davis stated, “All people deserve an opportunity to have their voices heard,” Davis continued,  “One of the most frustrating things to witness as a Latino journalist working in this industry has been to see my fellow Latinos spend such so much time discussing what we should be called, that we’re never uniting on the things that truly matter.  The core values of LEJA are inclusive to everyone.”
Official Site:
Facebook: @LEJALatino
Instagram: @LEJALatino
Twitter: @LEJALatino

About Latino Entertainment Journalists Association:

The Latino Entertainment Journalists Association (LEJA) is committed to developing and celebrating Latino voices among all areas and backgrounds of the entertainment industry.  Founded in 2018, LEJA provides a much-needed opportunity for writers from the United States to have their works amplified and heard in the areas of film, television, music, theatre, and the arts.  Accepting of all backgrounds and identities, LEJA embraces anyone who identifies as Latino, Latina, Latinx, Hispanic, Afro-Latino, Afro-Latina, [email protected], Spanish, or any inclusive and progressive description that champions and accelerates the voices of our culture from around the world.



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