‘Life of Pi’ will start showing full 3D clips in front of ‘Prometheus’ this Friday!

It’s old news by now that Ang Lee’s upcoming adaptation of the novel ‘Life of Pi’ was a huge hit at CinemaCon, but today we have word that Fox is so high on this Oscar hopeful that they’re going to begin rolling out full and uncut 3D clips of the flick in front of their tentpole releases. The Hollywood Reporter says here that starting Friday with ‘Prometheus’, and continuing on with ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ and ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’, there will be entire clips shown before the features, instead of merely a trailer. After the jump I’ll speculate about what this all means, but those of you hyped up for ‘Life of Pi’ can get your first taste in a matter of days…

My gut feeling is that this is less about solidifying the film as an awards player and more about trying to make sure it’s a crossover success and a box office hit. I don’t know how many people seeing ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ also currently have ‘Life of Pi’ on their “to see” list, so this could be a smart move in getting a wider audience excited for one of their main fall/winter offerings. Time will tell what happens, but they’re off to a good start in selling this flick.

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Written by Joey Magidson

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