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Interview: “Little America” Team Delivers Little Stories From a Big World

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Executive Producers Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon discuss the Apple TV+ anthology series

A lack of immigrant stories represented on television has long been an issue. Lee Eisenberg (“Good Boys“) recognized and consequently seized the opportunity to address this. The result is “Little America,” an anthology series that brings true immigrant experience stories to your TV and device screens.

Eisenberg teamed up with Alan Yang (“Master of None“), Joshuah Bearman, Emily V. Gordon, and Kumail Nanjiani to produce the series for Apple TV+. Eisenberg sees the show as a part of a movement. “All of a sudden, it feels like audiences have caught up,” he stated. “Seeing people from all walks of life and socio-economic levels and the diversity of cast is something people expect now.”

Gordon and Nanjiani, the husband and wife team behind the Academy Award-nominated “The Big Sick” (Best Original Screenplay), specifically chose this show to work together again. “This was the only thing we attached ourselves to,” said Gordon. “We wanted to put something good and entertaining and something we wanted to watch into the world. And this was all of those things.”

Each immigrant story is unique and at the same time undoubtedly universal. Therefore, Alan Yang believes the show will quickly connect with a wide audience. “What we found is people kind of want the same things. They want to be safe, they want to be secure, they want to have a job and they want to fall in love.”

“The immigrant experience is just something that touches upon all of us,” Eisenberg explained. He hopes audiences find it “incredibly relatable” and “find the stories universal.”

The Awards Circuit review praised the show for accomplishing a remarkable amount even with 30-minute episodes.

“Even in its short viewing time, the team behind the series does an excellent job of capturing the essence and personalities of the main characters while making them relatable and worthy of the viewer’s empathy. This series tells the story of all of our dreams and heartaches because no matter where you were born or your cultural background, we all have a shared, collective experience because at the core we are all the same.”

Season one of “Little America” is currently streaming on Apple TV+.

For the full interviews, details about season two and an exclusive scoop on “Big Sick 2” check out the video:

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