Look at the Shortlist for the Next Possible Spider-Man

spider-man-shortlistNow that we know that the newest incarnation of Spider-Man will again be Peter Parker and not Miles Morales, it seems like we’re closing in on finding out who the wall crawler will be played by. Various sources like this one are reporting that the part could wind up being fought over between Asa Butterfield, Timothee Chalamet, Tom Holland, Liam James, and Nat Wolff, though others could still be in play. Of that group, I’m partial to Chalamet (solid in Interstellar as well as Men, Women & Children) and especially Wolff (who I’m quite fond of in The Fault in Our Stars and Stuck in Love, among other things), though somehow I feel like Holland is who could wind up with the job, if they don’t go elsewhere and look to someone not in the news currently. Regardless, Marvel has been spot on with their casting to date, while Sony made a fine decision with Andrew Garfield last time out. The new Spider-Man movie will be written and directed by Drew Goddard, though the superhero will first show up next year in Captain America: Civil War. As such, expect a casting announcement in the coming weeks. Before the end of May, I’m sure we’ll know who Parker will be played by. Stay tuned for lots more on Spider-Man between now and the eventual solo movie reboot in the summer of 2017. Feel free to let us know who you’d prefer, or if I’m particularly right/wrong in my backing of Chalamet and Wollf…

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