Look at the Shortlist of Potential Directors for the Possibly Titled ‘Spider-Man: The New Avenger’

the-amazing-spider-man-2While Marvel/Sony look to finalize a choice to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the potentially titled Spider-Man: The New Avenger, they’re also seeking to lock in a director as well. Only a few months ago, it seemed like Drew Goddard was going to write and direct, but it seems like if he’s involved, it’s only on the script side now, as reports have a filmmaker shortlist being whittled down. The names being bandied about include Jonathan Levine, Ted Melfi, Jason Moore, John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein, as well as Jared Hess. This very much seems like a list in the mold of what Marvel does, taking independently minded directors as comfortable with comedy as anything else and letting them paint on a larger canvas. Off the bat, Levine and Melfi seem like the best choices by far, though neither comes close to Goddard in my book (not that anyone asked me). Personally, I’d go with Levine here, but there’s no indication who has the inside track right now. Either way, expect to hear one of them announced soon, as well as an actor locked in to play Spidey as well, with rumors have either Asa Butterfield or Tom Holland getting the gig. Stay tuned for more on Spider-Man: The New Avenger (if that winds up being the title) soon. The film is scheduled to hit on July 28, 2017…


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