maps_to_the_starsWell, not only is Julianne Moore going to be in contention for a Best Actress nomination with Still Alice (which as you might know is getting an Oscar qualifying run in December), it seems that she’s going to have the same situation with David Cronenberg‘s Maps to the Stars. Reports have the 2015 release planning a New York/Los Angeles one week run in order to put her in the race, either for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress. I’ve seen the film and she straddles the line between Lead and Supporting, so I wonder how Focus World will opt to go with this one. If they push her Lead, it’ll probably help out rival contender Still Alice, so perhaps they’ll opt to go Supporting to either try and score her a double nomination or just give her a second bite at the apple, as it were. Still Alice is certainly more traditional Oscar bait, but she’s easily the best part of Maps to the Stars and impossible to take your eyes off of. Regardless of that, if nothing else folks living on the coasts will have a chance to see Cronenberg’s latest before the year is out, so that’s a win for fans of his. Stay tuned to see what happens with Moore’s candidacy for both films.

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