Michael Fassbender is in talks to take on Steve Jobs

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fassbender-jobs-618x400Well, that was pretty fast. What seems like only a matter of hours ago I was still speculating on who might be sought out to replace Christian Bale as Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic written by Aaron Sorkin and to be directed by Danny Boyle. I’d mentioned Ben Affleck as one previously cited candidate, but it seems like reports have Michael Fassbender now in talks for the Jobs role. He’s not the first choice that springs to mind, but he certainly isn’t a bad one at all. Honestly, I could say the same thing about Boyle when he replaced David Fincher, so this definitely appears to be on firm ground still. Now, imagine Fassbender interacting with Seth Rogen if Rogen’s casting comes through. That’ll be something, right? This is going to be a player in the awards race next year, so for all of our sakes let’s hope that it’s a good one. I feel confident about Sorkin writing the screenplay, so if Boyle and Fassbender can ace the dialogue, then this will be an easy upgrade over the Jobs movie that Ashton Kutcher was a part of. Stay tuned for more on this one, as we seem to get updates on it by the day. I suspect it’ll be a late fall release in 2015, so in about a year this one should be coming our way.


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Written by Joey Magidson

When he’s not obsessing over new Oscar predictions on a weekly basis, Joey is seeing between 300 and 350 movies a year. He views the best in order to properly analyze the awards race/season each year, but he also watches the worst for reasons he mostly sums up as "so you all don't have to". In his spare time, you can usually find him complaining about the Jets or the Mets. Still, he lives and dies by film. Joey's a voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.


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That Seth Rogen comment is admittedly hilarious. I never really think of Fassbender as much of a bad-ass, but this does it. It wouldn’t be a bad casting choice at all. The picture at the top makes them look more alike than I would have thought. And there is always a Hollywood makeup team ready to go to work. I can’t comment on how Fassbender will resemble Jobs by acting standards, but that will just be a surprise to look forward too.


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