Michelle MacLaren drops out of directing ‘Wonder Woman’

o-WONDER-WOMAN-facebookBack in October, I first wrote about Warner Brothers hoping to land a female filmmaker to helm their Wonder Woman film, complete with a handful of suggestions as well as who they had their eyes on. Among the names I initially put forward was Michelle MacLaren, who wound up getting the directing gig. Well, reports now have her dropping out of the project, citing (of course) “creative difference”. That puts WB back on the hunt for a director to get this movie ready for star Gal Gadot and their 2017 release date, so I’d imagine whomever they had on their initial short list to direct will be contacted again. Last year, I listed, in addition to MacLaren, filmmakers like Kathryn Bigelow (dream on), Tricia Brock, Catherine Hardwicke, Karyn Kusama, Mimi Leder, and Julie Taymor. My guess is that one of them will be offered the job next, unless one of the names that I suggested get called, such as Lexi Alexander and Patty Jenkins (who had this same experience over at Marvel when she dropped out of Thor 2). I’m sure there will also be wild speculation about Joss Whedon moving over to helm this one, but I doubt that will come to pass. Stay tuned to see who winds up directing Wonder Woman, as I’m sure that WB is eager to get someone in place quickly. The film hits on June 23rd, 2017…


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