This year’s Opening Night Film at the Cannes Film Festival was Wes Anderson’s new movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’. I’m not a huge fan of his, but I’m intrigued about this flick. So far, the early word from the fest has been somewhat expected…this is Wes Anderson doing exactly what Wes Anderson specializes in. Criticwire has a piece here that collects the immediate reactions to the film, and those who have seen it seem to all thing about the same of it. After the jump I’ll share some of those quick responses that Matt Singer kindly compiled in his article, but for now we now seem to more or less know what we’re getting with ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ when it opens in theaters stateside next week…

From the Criticwire article that Matt gathered responses for yesterday, here are a few of the instant reactions from Twitter:

Instant Twitterverse Reaction:

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian:

“‘Moonrise Kingdom’ was a great opener for #Cannes2012 – elegant, eccentric and charming”

Alex Billington,

“‘Moonrise Kingdom’ – Whimsical, charming and honestly a lot of fun. There’s nothing like a Wes Anderson film, that’s for sure. #Cannes

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune:

“‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ the #Cannes2012 opener, from Wes Anderson–v. droll tale of young love & adolescent isolation. The festival starts well.”

Aaron Hillis, MovieMaker:

“Faulting ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ for looking too ‘Wes Anderson-ish’ is like complaining about Matisse’s blue nudes for not being in other colors.”

Guy Lodge, In Contention:

“‘Moonrise Kingdom’ (C+) Three courses of dessert, smothered in Desplat. Appealing blush, witty accents, but, as ever, all love and no passion.”

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