While I was pretty mixed on Wes Anderson’s new film ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ (seen in my review here), it seems that both critics and audiences aren’t. The former has heaped some of the best reviews in a long time for an Anderson flick, and the box office has been record-breaking actually, according to Deadline here. After the jump I’ll get into just what was so special about its limited release box office numbers, but suffice to say that this will start up some Oscar talk just like it did for Wood Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ last year. There’s a big difference in quality (Allen’s movie was one of my 10 favorites of 2011, while Anderson’s is simply decent), but the comparison will certainly now be made. See below for more…

This is the meat of what Deadline had to say:

Moonrise Kingdom has taken the specialty box office by storm, shattering records over Memorial weekend. Directed by Wes Anderson, the film opened the Cannes Film Festival and then hit theaters in the States, setting a new record for a live-action feature in a regular theatrical run, surpassing Dreamgirls‘ stunning $126K per theater average debut in three theaters back in 2006. Moonrise Kingdom averaged a whopping $130,752 at four locations and an overall four-day $669K gross. Focus, which holds worldwide rights, will take the movie to additional cities in the U.S. each weekend through June, expanding Moonrise Kingdom to several hundred screens.

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