‘Mortal Engines’ Director to Helm Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Movie, ‘Into Thin Air’


When even the smallest of true stories are the green-lit for feature films, it comes as no surprise that the tragic yet mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 would be given the Hollywood treatment. Now, Deadline is reporting that the director of the Peter Jackson produced “Mortal Engines,” Christian Rivers, will be tackling the project with a script written by Jonas McCord (“God the Father,” “Ask the Dust,” “The Body”).

According to Deadline, “The film weaves a narrative around the tragedy, following the efforts of a rogue investigator with a tragic past who teams up with an idealistic young journalist. Together, they uncover a corruption soaked conspiracy that spans between the men with their hands upon the wheel of power and a lone pilot who vanished with a plane full of 227 passengers and 12 flight crew members in 2014.”

While Rivers might be a curious choice given his background in visual effects wizardry, big-budget fantasy films, and “Mortal Engines’s” abysmal box office performance, it’s hard not to be intrigued by a script from the Academy Award Winning Documentarian and investigative journalist McCord. There’s no doubt McCord’s journalistic instincts will flourish here given the story. The potential to explore the dichotomy between two polar opposite reporters also plays into his strengths posing a far juicy project than what appears on the surface. And if McCord’s previous exploration of the spiritual isn’t enough to believe he will incorporate some theological undertones, his recent comments sure hint at it.

“Dostoyevsky once said that ‘when reason fails the devil helps’,” stated McCord. “If ever a story had the mark of the devil all over it, it’s the greatest aviation mystery of all time — the disappearance of Malaysian Airline flight 370.”

McCord’s fascination might also provide Rivers with the perfect opportunity to come into his own as a director.

“I couldn’t be more excited to bring this story to the screen,” said Rivers. “In this modern age of technology and instant information, there are very few mysteries of this kind. But at its heart it’s a human story of a man, trying to move past his own loss and find answers for those who are still suffering.”

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