Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Poster for the movie "Million Dollar Baby"
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Poster for the movie "Million Dollar Baby"



Despondent over a painful estrangement from his daughter, trainer Frankie Dunn isn't prepared for boxer Maggie Fitzgerald to enter his life. But Maggie's determined to go pro and to convince Dunn and his cohort to help her.

Collections: Clint Eastwood

Tagline: Beyond his silence, there is a past. Beyond her dreams, there is a feeling. Beyond hope, there is a memory. Beyond their journey, there is a love.

Genres: Drama


Language:  English, Gaeilge
Release Date:  15 December 2004

Box Office

Budget:  $30,000,000
Revenue:  $216,763,646

Technical Specs

Runtime:  2 h 12 min

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