‘The Munsters’ Reboot Contemplated at NBC


“The Munsters” might be coming back to television, with a little help from Seth Meyers (“Late Night with Seth Meyers”) and Jill Kargman (“Odd Mom Out”). Deadline reports that NBC is looking to reboot the series, which first aired on CBS in the mid-1960s. The series was cancelled after two seasons, but it quickly became a cult classic and cultural icon. Fans fell in love with the show, which was a family comedy where each family member was a different fictional monster.

The rebooted “Munsters” would follow the strange, quirky family who struggle to stay themselves in hipster-infested, modern-day Brooklyn. This would be a new world for the Munsters, who originally lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Mockingbird Heights, California. Kargman is set to write the reboot’s script, with Meyers and Mike Shoemaker executive-producing under their Sethmaker Shoemeyers production banner. Kargman started the ball rolling on this particular reboot, sleuthing out the show rights from Universal TV; she then tapped Sethmaker Shoemeyers, who has a producing deal with Universal TV, to collaborate on the project.

NBC and Universal previously tried to reboot the cult classic as an hour-long series, scripted by Bryan Fuller (“American Gods”). While pilot “Mockingbird Lane” was made, the show was an hour-long drama instead of the original half-hour comedy format; NBC ultimately passed on the project. However, NBC didn’t close the door entirely on “The Munsters,” and it looks like they’re trying to bring it back again.

However, the reboot still has a couple hurdles to jump before making it to series. EW points out that a pilot still needs to be made and make it through cutthroat pilot season, and a great cast would need to be assembled to play the family of monsters. “The Munsters” reboot is not official, but with all the recent buzz, its likelihood is grows by the day.

Are you a fan of the original “Munsters”? Want to see the oddball family on TV again? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Selina Mixner

Selina is a queer, half-Filipina fangirl who loves TV, film and corgis a little too much. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Literature and Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. Her rules for writing are simple: is it tattoo-worthy? If not, try again.


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