Netflix Looking to Release ‘The Irishman’ Wide This Fall


During the Academy Awards, Netflix announced that Martin Scorsese and his latest gangster tale “The Irishman” was coming for Oscars next year. Even before “Roma” came up short in Best Picture, it was clear that the streaming giant had big plans for this one. Now? Doubly so. To that end, the company is planning to break the mold in an effort to help Scorsese get back to the heart of awards season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, part of Netflix’s plan for Scorsese’s latest is to up the theatrical ante. Scorsese himself wants a wide theatrical berth, so the streaming service is working to try and make it happen for him.

Here is a bit from the article:

Scorsese wants a wide theatrical release for his more than $125 million gangster movie, and two industry sources with knowledge of talks between Netflix and theater owners tell The Hollywood Reporter that the streaming company is working to get him one. To do so, Netflix will have to expand the three-week art house theatrical window it pioneered amid controversy this awards season and will have to allow theater owners to report box office numbers, which the streamer did not do for Roma.

“Netflix wants a big footprint for The Irishman,” says one industry source. “They’ve put themselves in a position by supporting these kinds of filmmakers where they have to come to grips with the theatrical business model and how it works.”

“The Irishman” re-teams Scorsese with the likes of Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, and Joe Pesci, with Al Pacino along for the ride as well. This was already going to be one of 2019’s biggest releases, but Netflix is hoping to make it positively gargantuan. Stay tuned to see if they can get it into wide release, in addition to streaming.

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