Credit: Netflix

Academy Award winner Sophia Loren’s (“Two Women”) first feature film in over ten years has been snapped up by streaming giant Netflix, as reported by Deadline. Loren marks her return with “The Life Ahead,” an Italian drama directed by Edoardo Ponti (“The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars”). The film tells the story of a holocaust survivor who takes in a young boy who had previously robbed her.

The script was adapted by Ponti and acclaimed Italian screenwriter Ugo Chiti (“Dogman”), based on the novel “The Life Before Us” by Romain Gary. The award-winning book was originally published in 1975, but Ponti’s film adaptation will have a more contemporary setting.

Renato Carpentieri (“Tenderness”), Massimiliano Rossi and Ibrahima Gueye also star alongside Loren, with the film expected to be released by Netflix toward the end of the year. “The Life Ahead” comes from Italian production company Palomar who recently co-produced Rupert Everett’s Oscar Wilde biopic “The Happy Prince” which starred Everett and Academy Award winner Colin Firth (“The King’s Speech”).

In the Deadline article, Loren said of Netflix:

“In my career, I’ve worked with the biggest studios but I can safely say that none have had the breadth of reach and the cultural diversity of Netflix, and that’s what I love about them. They have understood that you don’t build a global studio unless you cultivate local talent in every country and give these unique voices an opportunity to be heard”

The film marks Loren’s first feature film since Rob Marshall’s “Nine” in 2009, where she starred alongside Daniel Day-Lewis. The Italian actress has had an acclaimed career and made history in 1960 when she became the first actor to win an Oscar for a foreign language film, for her performance in “Two Women.” She was nominated a few years later for her performance in the 1964 Vittorio De Sica comedy-drama “Marriage Italian Style,” as well as having won numerous Golden Globes throughout the 1960s and 1970s in the now defunct World Film Favorite category. In 1991 she was honored by the Academy with a special award in tribute to her rich and historic career.

Her return to film will be eagerly anticipated and audiences will be delighted that “The Life Ahead” is coming to Netflix, particularly because of its easy accessibility. The popularity of the streaming service will also provide a new audience for those unfamiliar with Loren’s work and talents as an actor.

There is no release date for the film as of yet.

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