Netflix to Add an “Ultra” Plan for High Definition Screens

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Streaming giant Netflix is continuing to find ways to innovate streaming options. While the service continues to add more and more content, they’ve also looked for ways to improve their product. One of the ways in which Netflix can continue to update is through High Definition streaming. According to and, the next step is to charge customers for enhanced streams.

UKS 401 Unit 00409RThe concept seems simple on its face. The new “Ultra” plan will cost $16.99 per month and feature four high definition streams. This plan will also make HDR content exclusive to the higher priced plan. Meanwhile, the current Premium plan will drop from 4 High def streams to 2 high def streams and 2 regular streams. This plan will continue to cost $13.99 per month.

Allison Brie GLOWThis plan is still in the early testing stages. Not all customers will be given the opportunity to stream the new plan. Netflix has confirmed the testing will occur but has not confirmed that this plan will be offered to everyone. If testing goes poorly, Netflix may never push the plan to market.

While the plan is not a guarantee yet, it does put extra pressure on other streaming services. Amazon Prime offers some high definition streaming, but not for every video. The upcoming Disney “Over-the-Top” streaming service will likely have to build up to this tech. By pushing the industry forward, Netflix is ensuring that it maintains its stranglehold as the top entertainment service in the world.

What do think of Netflix’s testing? Would you enroll in the Ultra plan if given the opportunity? Let us know in the comment below!

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