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New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (07/14/20) – Discovering ‘Bacurau’

The Cannes Award Winner highlights a small slate this week…

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This week, one of the more unique films of the past few years comes to Blu-ray and DVD in “Bacurau.” Joining this one of a kind movie is, well…not a whole lot else, as you’ll see below. Still, there’s a great top pick today, a Criterion release, and a Vintage offering as well.



Image from the movie "Bacurau" 2019
© “Bacurau” 2019 Símio Filmes − All right reserved.
Whenever a movie evolves before your very eyes, it can be an exciting thing to witness. Anything you’ve heard about “Bacurau” does not do it justice…Unafraid to toy with different genres and to leave in the dust viewers not willing to go along for the ride, it’s quite the experience. As easy to hate as it is to love, the film may prove divisive, but it’s an impossible work to forget, that’s for sure. It all builds to a third act that’s incredibly satisfying, in a phenomenally twisted manner.

“Bacurau” is one of a kind, that’s for sure. If you’re the least bit adventurous, this is easily the pick to check out this week.

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $58,115
Major Awards: None


Image from the movie "Celeste and Jesse Forever"
© “Celeste and Jesse Forever” − All right reserved.

For this week’s Vintage pick, in honor of the Sundance Film Festival hit “Palm Springs” having come out last Friday, we’re going to be citing another top-notch Andy Samberg work. It’s “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” which really put his dramatic chops on display. Balancing the tone is important here, as the movie walks a fine line between laughs and tears. From our very positive review here on the site:

Celeste and Jesse Forever is a melancholy, but delightful romantic comedy with a sharp script by Will McCormack and Rashida Jones and two great lead performances.

Rashida Jones and Samberg make this one a must-see, as well as a great pairing with “Palm Springs,” one of the year’s best films!


Body Cam

Image from the movie "Body Cam" 2020
© “Body Cam” 2020 Paramount Players − All right reserved.
Mary J. Blige and Nat Wolff star in this supernatural thriller. Frankly, the mix of socially-aware drama and the otherworldly element don’t pair well here. For every intriguing part, there’s another that makes you scratch your head in puzzlement. The New York Times largely agreed in their mixed review:
Despite the ripeness and flammability of its material, the movie feels oddly distant, the screenplay marred by weak scares, graceless plotting and dashed-off characters.

Simply put, you can do better.

lg.php?bannerid=0&campaignid=0&zoneid=7& blu ray dvd releases 06 30 20%2F& admin%2FeditBox Office: N/A

Castle in the Ground

Image from the movie "Castle in the Ground" 2019
© “Castle in the Ground” 2019 Woods Entertainment − All right reserved.

An addiction drama featuring Imogen Poots and Alex Wolff, this is tremendously dark material. Poots and Wolff bring the emotions, for sure, even though the movie itself is rather hit or miss. For some, that won’t be enough. For others, the performances will carry the day. Variety came down somewhere in the middle, as you can see below:

An earnest, sometimes skillful effort that nonetheless often feels slack and underwritten, as well as ultimately less-than-rewarding.

An uneven story is balanced by strong acting. Make of that what you will.

Box Office: N/A


Image from the movie "VHYES"
© “VHYES” − All right reserved.

Jack Henry Robbins (Tim Robbins‘ son) uses fake television clips from 1980s programs as a vehicle to tell a very odd comedy. It doesn’t always land as intended, but when it’s on, it resembles some rather offbeat, Adult Swim, type sketches. The Hollywood Reporter has this to say about the work:

Though hardly groundbreaking in either its content or its aesthetics, the film is more serious than it initially lets on, and can only benefit from the VHS nostalgia that has, often irrationally, taken root in some quarters.
If you’re in a weird mood, this is worth considering.
Box Office: $47,037

Special Criterion Collection Section

Image from the movie "The Lady Eve"
© “The Lady Eve” − All right reserved.

The Lady Eve

Our one and only Criterion option today is this 1941 Preston Sturgess effort. “The Lady Eve” stars Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck, working together with Sturgess to craft a riotous screwball comedy. The Collection pitches it to you like so:

One in a string of matchless comedic marvels that Sturges wrote, directed, and produced as part of a dazzling 1940s run, this gender-flipped battle-of-wits farce is perhaps his most emotionally satisfying work, tempering its sparkling wit with a streak of tender poignancy supplied by the sensational Stanwyck at her peak.

If you like Fonda and/or Stanwyck, this is one to check out!


12 Monkeys: The Complete Series (SYFY)
The Magicians: Season 5 (SYFY)
The Magicians: The Complete Series (SYFY)

Will you be picking up “Bacurau” or anything else this week on Blu-ray or DVD? Share in the comments below!

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