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New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (07/28/20) – James Cameron Explores Science Fiction

James Cameron’s documentary series highlights the week’s small crop of titles.

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This week, James Cameron is the King of the Blu-ray and DVD world. “James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction” documentary series highlights a very tiny slate today, light on both quality and quantity, though HBO’s series “The Outsider” leads the way in terms of television titles. Read on for more.


James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction

Not content to just dominate the science fiction genre with his blockbuster efforts (and “Avatar” sequels at some point), James Cameron now is a documentary host. Leading you through sci-fi’s many twists and turns over the years, Cameron presents a series that almost anybody can have a good time with. The AV Club had this to say:

The end result of all this research and collaboration is accessible and surprisingly cohesive, full of touchstones that sci-fi newcomers will easily recognize.

“James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction” is a solid series for anyone who enjoys the genre. If you dig on sci-fi, this is something to check out!

Special Features: Extended Interviews
Total Box Office: N/A
Major Awards: None


Image from the movie "Her"
© 2013 Annapurna Pictures − All right reserved.

For this week’s Vintage pick, we’re sticking with the science fiction theme, but going in a very different direction. The pick today is “Her,” not just one of the most unique sci-fi tales of late, but arguably ever. Spike Jonze crafted something here that engages your mind, breaks your heart, and stands the test of time. Featuring some of Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix‘s best work, this is a true masterpiece. From our rave review at the time:

Yes, Jonze has crafted something that amazing here. It’s a magical miracle of a movie in every single way. From the brilliant writing and direction of Jonze to the tender lead performance of Joaquin Phoenix to Scarlett Johansson‘s amazing supporting turn (not to mention the work of Amy Adams), the top of the line talent is doing tremendous work, while below the line there’s wonderful production design from K.K. Barrett, luminous cinematography from Hoyte Van Hoytema, and entrancing music from Arcade Fire and Karen O. On just about every level, this is a perfect film. It’s that rare bit of cinema that just grabs you deep inside, never to let go.

There’s never a bad time to revisit this one, so put it on and enjoy!


End of Sentence

end of sentence movie review 2020end of sentence movie review 2020

End of Sentence is a familiar story at heart, but beautifully observed, sensitively played and smart enough to wrong-foot audience expectations whenever the plot gets too comfortable.
Hawkes and Lerman make this one worth considering.
lg.php?bannerid=0&campaignid=0&zoneid=7& blu ray dvd releases 06 30 20%2F& admin%2FeditBox Office: N/A

You Should Have Left

Image from the movie "You Should Have Left" 2020
© “You Should Have Left” 2020 Blumhouse Productions − All right reserved.

Kevin Bacon stars in this Blumhouse horror effort for filmmaker David Koepp. Unfortunately, despite the talent involved, this will not go down as one of Jason Blum‘s more memorable productions. Our review here on the site had this to say:

As one of the more mellow and minimal Blumhouse efforts, one assumes deep characterization or meaty plot would offset the subdued proceedings. Instead, summer movie fans looking for the next big movie scarefest might have to wait a little longer.

Genre fans can do better.

Box Office: N/A


The Outsider: The Complete First Season (HBO) *Top TV Pick*
Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection (ABC and CBS)

Will you be picking up “James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction” or anything else this week on Blu-ray or DVD? Share in the comments below!


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