New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (12/05/17) – Slim Pickings This Week

Thomas Haden Church and Domhnall Gleeson in Crash Pad 2017

There’s essentially nothing of value coming to Blu-Ray and DVD this week. For some, cute minions will make “Despicable Me 3” passable, though that won’t be the top pick. Today, we instead look outside the box. The true best bet is in the vintage section, as you’ll see below. Plus, this piece is coming to you while yours truly is on vacation in Dubai (for a friend’s bachelor party, followed by a wedding this weekend in India), so there’s dedication on display! Anyway, on to the films.


Crash Pad

dimsOn the one hand, the premise here sounds iffy at best. A comedy involving mismatched roommates, one of whom is sleeping with the other one’s wife? That’s not promising. On the other hand, however, reviews weren’t terrible, and the cast is surprisingly strong. Pairing up Domhnall Gleeson with Thomas Haden Church is certainly a creative choice. The Wrap actually liked this one, giving it a solid write up:

You’d be forgiven for guessing that “Crash Pad” is yet another lazy, cable-unworthy comedy full of sorry slapstick and barn-broad humor. And you’ll be surprised to discover that it’s actually smartly written and expertly pulled off.

Crash Pad” doesn’t have any minions in it, but in a crummy week like this, it emerges as the top pick, almost by proxy. Give it a shot and see what you think.

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: N/A
Major Awards: None yet

Vintage Viewing

larsandtherealgirlIn honor of this week’s release of “I, Tonya,” the pick today is a previous work from filmmaker Craig Gillespie. Yes, it’s “Lars and the Real Girl,” which is an underrated gem. One of Ryan Gosling‘s best performances, Gillespie makes a gentle dramedy involving a sex doll. Instead of being crass, it’s actually incredibly touching. Roger Ebert was a big fan, writing the following in his review at the time:

Only after the movie is over do you realize what a balancing act it was, what risks it took, what rewards it contains.

“I, Tonya” is an absolute must see. Until that one opens on Friday, whet your appetite for Gillespie pictures with another look at “Lars and the Real Girl.” You won’t regret it!

Other Films Being Released

Here’s a look at what else is hitting shelves today, besides the barely recommended “Crash Pad”:

American Assassin

american assassinOne of the worst films of 2017, this action flick only succeeds in executing your brain cells. Wasting Michael Keaton in this sort of dreck should be a punishable offense. Every character is bad at their job, the politics are misguided and dangerous, and it’s all very sloppy. Our pan of a review here at the site went off on it, writing the following:

Functioning mainly as red meat for conservatives, it’s almost a Fox News fever dream at times.

Avoid this movie at all costs.

Box Office: $36,249,674

Better Watch Out

safe neighborhood movie 700x300This holiday horror tale really flew below the radar. That might be a shame, too, as some of the reviews were rather glowing. “Krampus” was the last movie of this ilk to come out, so maybe there’s an under-served audience out there? We might have a cult favorite in the making. Entertainment Weekly had this to say:

If you want to gift yourself a holiday film that decks the halls with blood, this is one to put under the tree.

If you’re looking for something different, consider this one.

Box Office: $20,369

Despicable Me 3

925872622sThe minions keep this franchise going. Steve Carell has played this bad guy turned good three times now, and fans keep turning up. As such, expect a fourth outing, regardless of quality, which seems to be lagging behind. The New York Times has grown weary of this series, writing the following:

The latest animated “Despicable Me” outing shows signs of wear even as its energy level escalates.

This sequel seems unnecessary, but hey…the minions are cute.

Box Office: $264,410,130 (and counting)

Special Criterion Collection Section

100 Years of Olympic Films: 1912–2012

Olympics Product Horizontal logo doublesize originalOur one and only Criterion release today is something rather different. It’s a documentary collection, centered on the Olympics. Knowing who put this out, it’s likely to be a far cry from just another ESPN 30 for 30 type outing. The Collection sells it as such:

Spanning fifty-three movies and forty-one editions of the Olympic Games, 100 Years of Olympic Films: 1912–2012 is the culmination of a monumental, award-winning archival project encompassing dozens of new restorations by the International Olympic Committee.

Sports fans and cinephiles unite!

TV Releases

“Alice: The Complete Sixth Season”
“Fargo: The Complete Third Season”
“One Day at a Time: The Complete Series”
“The Simpsons: The Complete Eighteenth Season”

Thoughts on what to watch this week on Blu-ray or DVD? Share them in the comments below!

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Written by Joey Magidson

When he’s not obsessing over new Oscar predictions on a weekly basis, Joey is seeing between 300 and 350 movies a year. He views the best in order to properly analyze the awards race/season each year, but he also watches the worst for reasons he mostly sums up as "so you all don't have to". In his spare time, you can usually find him complaining about the Jets or the Mets. Still, he lives and dies by film. Joey's a voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.


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