This week, Demetri Martin has his directorial debut “Dean” hitting Blu-Ray and DVD, along with very little else. Yes, it’s another day without a whole lot to write home about. There aren’t even any Criterion titles to talk about. Luckily, the top pick is a good one. You’ll see what I mean below!



The aforementioned Demetri Martin proves himself to be a talented multi hyphenate with this affecting dramedy. Martin teams with Gillian Jacobs and Kevin Kline to not just make you laugh, but also to wring some emotion out of you. He’s good at it too. Our rave review out of last year’s Tribeca Film Festival explains more:

Comedian Demetri Martin has tried his hand at acting before, but not only does his debut filmmaking feature Dean show a whole new side of him in that regard, it also puts him forward as a writer and director well worth watching. This is an accomplished, funny, and surprisingly emotional dramedy that sneaks up on you.

“Dean” didn’t get the attention it deserved in theaters. Now that it’s getting a second life at home, give it a look!

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $254,536
Major Awards: Won Best U.S. Narrative Feature at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Vintage Viewing

In honor of this week’s release of “Tulip Fever,” the pick today is another long delayed film. It’s “Margaret,” possibly the best movie to ever sit on the shelf for half a decade. Kenneth Lonergan fought for six years to see his vision of the movie come out, and while there’s multiple versions out in the world, all our top notch. Our highly positive review at the time fetes it as such:

It’s full of ideas and even more packed with emotion, making for an intense viewing experience.

Especially coming off of last year’s Oscar wins for “Manchester by the Sea,” revisit Lonergan’s last flick this weekend for a nice little treat.

Other Films Being Released

Here’s a look at what else is hitting shelves today, besides “Dean”:


A shameless attempt to capitalize on the success of the “21 Jump Street” reboot and its sequel, this comedy fell flat on its face. Zach Efron and Dwayne Johnson are two of mainstream comedy’s best weapons of late, but neither brought much to this one. Entertainment Weekly noticed that and condemns it thusly:

The rare movie that even the Teflon-coated, thousand-watt charisma of Dwayne Johnson can’t save.

You deserve better.

Box Office: $58,060,186

Born in China

Disney serves up panda with their latest animal documentary. These all receive solid reviews and make a few bucks at the box office, but never appeal to Oscar. Disneynature outings are content to hit singles instead of home runs. The Wrap hammers that particular point home in their take on the flick:

While the storytelling here has significant weaknesses, it’s hard to stay mad at any movie that offers so many close-ups of an insanely adorable baby panda.

You already know if this is for you or not.

Box Office: $13,873,211


Oh look, another barely released Nicolas Cage movie being dumped on DVD. It’s long since become a joke, but he really does seem to show up in anything these days. The morbid curiosity of watching Cage has worn off at this point. The Hollywood Reporter says it the best in their review, simply stating the obvious:

Something that both Nicolas Cage and Faye Dunaway will want to leave off their filmographies, and at this point that’s saying something.


Box Office: N/A

TV Releases

“Black Sails: The Complete Fourth Season”
“The Bureau: Season 3”
“Chicago Fire: Season Five”
“Chicago Med: Season Two”
“Designated Survivor: The Complete First Season”
“Elementary: The Fifth Season”
“Flipper The Original Series: Season 1”
“Flipper The Original Series: Season 2”
“Gotham: The Complete Third Season”
“Grey’s Anatomy: Complete Thirteenth Season”
“Mom: The Complete Fourth Season”
“NCIS: The Fourteenth Season”
“The Originals: The Complete Fourth Season”
“Ripper Street: Season 5”
“Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Three”
“Will & Grace: Season One”

Thoughts on what to watch this week on Blu-ray or DVD? Share them in the comments below!