New Blu-ray/DVD Releases (11/16/16) – Just Keep Swimming ‘Dory’!

This week, the lovable Dory gets her very own feature, which leads the charge of new releases coming to Blu-ray and DVD. The sequel to “Finding Nemo” is sadly one of the only things of note hitting today, which puts a damper on things. There’s also the little matter of what happened last week, but we’ll try and steer clear of it for now. Pressing on, the top pick is pretty obvious today. Yes, the PICK OF THE WEEK is another hugely successful Pixar outing. We’ll get around to it shortly, but first, let’s take a look at the Vintage Pick!

Vintage Viewing

margaretIn honor of this week’s release of “Manchester by the Sea” (which is absolutely incredible), it seemed only right to cite Kenneth Lonergan‘s last film. It’s, of course, “Margaret.” Quickly though, it’s apt to just mention how amazing “Manchester by the Sea” is, and especially the lead performance of Casey Affleck. It’s far more focused than the sprawling “Margaret.” The latter is still fantastic though, it should be noted. From our own review that we put out at the Awards Circuit a few years back:

In the end, ‘Margaret’ arrives the better part of a decade later as a film with a lot going for it, but with the stigma of already being a failure. I’m here to assure you that it’s far from that, though it’s a two and a half hour character study that obviously won’t be for everyone.

This is a wonderful film that only gets better with multiple viewings. In terms of which version to watch, here is an article we did on just that. It’s a nice little essay that is well worth reading. Again, “Manchester by the Sea” is even better than the already strong “Margaret,” so be excited for that film to release later this year.

Special Criterion Collection Section


The type of movie that Criterion was basically made for. Jean-Luc Godard‘s classic is beloved by many, including none other than Roger Ebert, who wrote the following:

Modern movies begin here, with Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Breathless’ in 1960. No debut film since ‘Citizen Kane’ in 1942 has been as influential.

If you enjoy collecting these, this seems like a no brainer.

“Punch-Drunk Love”

vlcsnap-2012-06-13-15h45m37s134The best work Adam Sandler has ever done comes in this offbeat romantic dramedy from Paul Thomas Anderson. He’s just fantastic here. Criterion has outdone themselves with this one. Not only do they have a tremendous film that you wouldn’t assume would get this treatment, it’s just wonderfully done. This comes highly recommended. Furthermore, the movie is incredible. As a reminder, Entertainment Weekly had this to say back when it first came out:

You may be captivated, as I was, by its moods, and by its subtly transformed star, and still wonder why Paul Thomas Anderson ever had the inclination to make the most sincere and artful movie in which Adam Sandler will probably ever appear.

One of my favorite recent re-issues of theirs, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up. Criterion put a lot of love into this. You’ll love it as well. Trust me.

Other Films Being Released

With only one thing to honor today in “Finding Dory,” here now is just a simple list of what else is hitting shelves:

“Army of One”

army-of-one-movie-300mb-downloadTell me the description of this film doesn’t at least pique your curiosity. This is a Nicolas Cage vehicle in which he hunts for Osama bin Laden. It’s also a comedy. Yeah. Is it a mess? Of course. Is it fun? More than you might have expected. The Los Angeles Times had this to say about the movie:

The movie’s noisy, busy and not that funny. But there is a sweetness and a cockeyed optimism here.

If you want something different, this is certainly that. Make of it what you will. Cage fans will enjoy it the most.

Box Office: N/A

“The Beatles Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years”

A documentary about the biggest band in history, this actually comes from none other than director Ron Howard. Rolling Stone put forward this take on it:

Ron Howard’s documentary rightly keeps coming back to the music and the band’s delight in making it. Good move. It truly is a joy forever.

A dark horse Oscar contender in Best Documentary Feature, this could be one to catch up on before year’s end.

Box Office: $2,841,845 (and counting)

“Fort Tilden”

An indie that seemed to divide critics, with some just not being able to deal with the unlikable protagonists. The AV Club was able to get over that, however, writing:

For all its exquisite theater-of-cruelty viciousness, ‘Fort Tilden’ is finally a work of empathy about people whose own supplies are running on empty.

This seems like a niche item, to say the least. If it appeals to you, certainly give it a shot.

Box Office: N/A

“Mia Madre”

This occasionally humorous drama has taken a while to hit home video, having played the festival circuit all over the place. The Hollywood Reporter was rather taken by it, stating the following:

Good, strong, understated filmmaking is enlivened by Moretti’s characteristic wry blend of drama and humor.

If you’re looking to go in blind on something, this is the one to do it with.

Box Office: $303,002

TV Releases

“Better Call Saul: Season Two”
“Community: The Complete Series”
“Family Matters: The Complete Ninth Season”
“Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-6”
“Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season”
“Looking: The Complete Series & Movie”
“The Lucy Show: The Official Complete Series”
“The Middle: The Complete Seventh Season”
“The Mindy Project: Season Four”
“NYPD Blue: Season 11”
“Star Trek: The Animated Series”


“Finding Dory”

9598223_origAnother sequel from Pixar, “Finding Dory” is pretty middle of the road for the studio. Furthermore, it has a ridiculous ending. Still, it’s more than charming enough to go ahead and recommend. Even when the studio isn’t at their best, they still provide solid entertainment for the entire family. The good very much outweighs the bad here. Variety had a very positive take on “Finding Dory,” writing this:

Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane, the co-directors of ‘Finding Dory,’ have made a beautiful, rambunctious, and fully felt sequel – a movie totally worth its salt water.

A smash hit at the box office, “Finding Dory” has a lot going for it. If you loved “Finding Nemo,” there’s no reason not to seek this one out and enjoy.

Special Features: Audio Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Featurettes and more
Total Box Office: $486,094,009 (and counting)
Major Award: None yet, but it likely will contend in Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards

Thoughts on what to watch this week on Blu-ray or DVD? Share it in the comments below!

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