New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (2/04/14)

about-time-movie-poster1This week, one of 2013’s Best Picture nominees is among the big titles coming to Blu-Ray and DVD. As a plus for all of us here at the column,it’s not alone today in terms of being a quality offering either, and in fact isn’t even my top pick. I have at least one other film worth mentioning among this very varied slate of titles, plus the usual mixed bag of other flicks in play, but that’s just the consistent name of the game here in the column. This isn’t an absolutely top notch slate of releases like a few weeks ago, but I think that few ever will be going forward. Overall, it’s a pretty solid group and represents some continued movement back in the right direction for this column after some of those rather lean weeks we’ve had to deal with in the somewhat recent past. As long as this continues on mostly unabated, you won’t hear me complaining one bit about things. As I’ve hinted above, there is another movie or two contending for my top honor here today with that Oscar nominee, but only one flick can emerge victorious of course. It was briefly a close call, but for my PICK OF THE WEEK, I opted to go with an under seen crowd pleaser. That doesn’t solve a whole lot of the mystery, I know, but before we talk more about these top picks and reveal the numero uno choice, there is some other business to attend to…namely, the old Vintage section, so here we go to that part of the column now folks!


Vintage Viewing

article-2550565-1B2A47DF00000578-263_634x421In honor of this week’s release of The Monuments Men (which I’m seeing tomorrow, so stay tuned for my review in a day or so) as well as a tribute to the sadly departed Philip Seymour Hoffman, my choice is George Clooney’s last film behind the camera, The Ides of March. Featuring a quality supporting turn by Hoffman, it’s a biting political drama/satire that I really enjoyed. Of course, there are tons of PSH performances worth checking out this week, but with Clooney’s new directorial outing hitting theaters in a few days, I opted to go with this particular one…

Recommended Movies

I have a trio of titles this week that get this particular runner up honor from me. There’s no use stalling or anything like that right now, so without any further delay, here it is:

A Case of You

A-Case-of-You-poster-400x230An enjoyable romantic comedy, this movie does seem to consider far more novel of a cinematic concept than it actually is. Aside from that, you have Justin Long (who co-wrote) and Evan Rachel Wood making for a cute couple. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel whatsoever, but it was a good time last year at the Tribeca Film Festival and held up when I watched it again recently. Give it a shot if you want to see the guy try and get the girl!

Special Features: Behind the Scenes, a Theatrical Trailer, and more…
Total Box Office: N/A (though it apparently did well on VOD)
Major Awards: None…


Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas-Buyers-Club poster-2013-movie-poster-HDA solid enough movie on its own, the award winning (and likely soon to be Oscar winning) performances of Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey are what put this contender over the top for me. It’s my number two choice today, and while it never goes that extra mile to become a great film, it is an acting showcase through and through. I can’t imagine many of you haven’t check it out yet, but if you haven’t you now have the option of Blu-Ray and DVD in addition to going to the theater…

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $22,542,486 (and counting)
Major Awards: Nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture…


Free Birds

quad-page-001I seem to be one of the few people who actually liked this animated flick, but I found it weirder than expected and funnier too (you can see my review here for more details). It’s nothing to go nuts over, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing it score a Best Animated Feature nomination at the Oscars. Alas, that didn’t happen, but now you all have another chance to give this one a shot and see if I’m crazy or not…

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $55,520,085 (and counting)
Major Awards: None…


Other Films Being Released

Here are the other titles coming out this week for your potential purchasing pleasure, with some mixed degrees of quality here on display here…

Baggage Claim

I didn’t see this comedy, but I don’t remember it getting particularly strong reviews. It wasn’t savaged or anything, but most of my colleagues seemed to shrug it off, so what you do with this one is simply up to you, as I won’t be of any help.

Box Office: $21,569,509


Cutie and the Boxer

A copy of this Oscar nominated documentary arrived at my door recently, but I haven’t had the time to pop it in yet, though I’ve only heard good things. This is one more to check out this week, in addition to my recommendations, if only to be an Academy Award nominee completist…

Box Office: $192,047 (and counting)


Escape Plan

Escape-Plan-PosterI’m not sure this was as much fan as it should be, but for a dumb action flick, it probably turned out slightly better than I was expecting. Genre fans will get a kick out of it, but definitely go in with lowered expectations.

Box Office: $25,132,228


The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete

When it comes to this drama, there’s very little that I can say since I didn’t see it. Some folks said nice things about it, but I don’t believe too many even saw it in general. Make of this one what you will…

Box Office: $494,608


Mother of George

There’s some interesting visuals and solid acting on display here, but this indie drama is definitely not for everyone. It certainly has its fans though. For some more details about it, check out this interview here that I did with Danai Gurira, the star of the movie.

Box Office: $157,937


Romeo and Juliet

An incredibly pointless new version of the classic Shakespeare story, there’s just no reason for this movie to exist. I expanded on that thought in my initial review here, but I just don’t think anyone needs to bother with this one, plain and simple…

Box Office: $1,162,635


TV Releases

  • The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Sixth Season
  • The Ellen Show: The Complete Series
  • Family Matters: The Complete Fourth Season
  • Joanie Loves Chachi: The Complete Series
  • Laverne & Shirley: Seasons 1-7
  • The White Queen



About Time

AboutTime_Social_Website_Shareables_Desktop_DadandTimA welcome ray of sunshine at the New York Film Festival last year, I was very fond of this third directorial outing by Richard Curtis. It’s not as memorable as Love Actually or Pirate Radio, but it’s a crowd pleaser that will make you both laugh and cry. I went into more details about it in my review here, but those looking for something both romantic and a little bit high concept to watch would do right to check this one out. It’s a nice little movie…

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $15,322,921
Major Award: Nominated for British Actress of the Year for Lindsay Duncan at the London Critics Circle Film Awards…

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!


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