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all-is-lost-poster2This week, once again there’s that rather unenviable situation of having at least some shortage in terms of new releases to get excited about on Blu-Ray/DVD, though that’s just a quality issue. Quantity-wise, we’re doing just fine today. This happens from time to time and it’s a bit of a weird week with Valentine’s Day a few days away, so it makes a little bit of sense. Still, it’s disappointing. It’s not exactly a terrible day for movies or anything of that sort overall, but it’s still not a week that has me thrilled with my options. There’s basically a tie on display in the fight for my top pick, but it’s between a group of movies that I wouldn’t otherwise recommend necessarily, at least in a better week. I’ve got to pick something though, so for my PICK OF THE WEEK, I opted to go with a film that has one of the best male performances of 2013 in it. It’s a movie that I’m not wild about, but actually excited to revisit. Anyway, I’ll reveal that film in question a little bit later on (though I think many of you will be able to accurately guess it if you try), but for now, why don’t we dive back into the always diverse and entertaining world of Vintage picks to start things off today!

Vintage Viewing

High-Fidelity-poster-1020344801In honor of this week’s release of Adult World (which I saw and enjoyed back at Tribeca last year), I’m going to cite another John Cusack movie that takes place in a store. Yes, it’s the now classic that is High Fidelity. An immensely quotable film upon release, it’s now 100% in the lexicon, plus it just happens to feature Cusack at his best. For all these reasons and more, it’s a great option to re-watch today, assuming you’ve already seen it at least once. If not, then now’s the time!

Other Films in Release

Here’s a list of what else is hitting shelves today…

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box

I’d never even heard of this family flick until today, and judging by the meager box office, most of you didn’t either. It’s probably not terrible, but it was roundly ignored upon release…

Box Office: $6,399

The Armstrong Lie

This documentary isn’t one of Alex Gibney’s best (and was snubbed for an Oscar nomination), but if you’re fascinated by Lance Armstrong, this could be something worth checking out. Decide for yourself here. It’s far from a bad doc.

Box Office: $380,776



I missed this romantic comedy back at Sundance 2013, but apparently it didn’t set too many people’s worlds on fire. It could be a solid Valentine’s Day option though, so keep that in mind…

Box Office: $2,159,041

The Best Man Holiday [EDITOR’S PICK]

A super popular comedy, I didn’t get a chance to see it (nor have I seen The Best Man), so I can’t chime in here, but if you liked it in theaters, you’ll likely enjoy owning it as well. That’s my best guess at least.

Box Office: $70,525,195

counselor_movie_posterThe Counselor

An absolute mess of a movie, I’d normally say to completely ignore this misfire, but I’m super intrigued by the extended cut that the Blu-Ray has. The film was obviously hacked in the editing room, so I can only imagine what this looks like. It could be better, but it could be worse. I know I’ll be finding out though, so perhaps you’ll join me?

Box Office: $16,973,715


Once upon a time, this was an Oscar player…then people saw it. Naomi Watts isn’t the problem here, but just about everything else in this biopic is. You can safely skip this one unless you’re a huge Princess Diana fan, but in that case this film might just make you angry.

Box Office: $335,359

Ender’s Game

I actually liked a fair amount of this sci-fi flick (as you can see in my three star review here), but in the months since seeing it, I haven’t thought about it one bit, and that’s not usually a good sign. If you’re looking for a second choice besides my top pick this week, this would be it…

Box Office: $61,737,191

Grace Unplugged

This family drama never came across my radar in any major way, and it seemed that I wasn’t completely alone. These types of movies have their place though, so if that place is in your living room…do what you must.

Box Office: $2,507,201


The director of Cube and Abigail Breslin couldn’t save this horror movie from going straight to VOD and home video. I didn’t see it, but I did want to, so this certainly gives me pause now. The choice is yours here though, especially if you’re a genre fan…

Box Office: N/A

How I Live Now

This near future set drama is pretty interesting sounding, but I haven’t heard from many that it all comes together. This could be one to take a leap of faith on though…

Box Office: $60,213

Life of a King

I was sent this biopic starring Cuba Gooding Jr. but haven’t had a chance to pop it in yet. It’s actually still in theaters too, I believe, so if you’re curious you have more than one way to catch it.

Box Office: $6,547 (and counting)

The Summit

I missed this documentary in theaters, but will be catching up with it now. If you’ve already seen the Oscar nominees, perhaps you’ll give this one a shot too?

Box Office: $243,550


Notable for being a barrier breaking film, it’s a drama where the making of the movie is actually more interesting than the actual movie. I wouldn’t say not to pick it up, but just keep that in mind…

Box Office: $1,347,747

TV Releases

  • The Americans: The Complete First Season
  • Dallas (2012): The Complete Second Season
  • Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth
  • Sherlock: Season Three


All is Lost

all-is-lost03I have issues with this movie, particularly its pacing, but I’m a big fan of Robert Redford’s performance here, like just about everyone else. In many ways, this survival tale is a companion piece to Gravity, though that film is more satisfying overall. This one has a better performance though, with Redford doing career best work. I’m keen to revisit this one and see if I’m kinder to it this time, particularly since I’d like to listen to the score again in the context of the flick. Regardless, it’s the best thing out today and worth picking up, even if it didn’t get the Best Actor nomination for Redford that many of you were pulling for…

Special Features: Various Making Of Featurettes…
Total Box Office: $6,253,162 (and counting)
Major Award: Won Best Original Score at the Golden Globe Awards…

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!


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