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Afternoon Delight MovieThis week, it’s another one of those times here at the column where there really isn’t any way around the fact that not much of note is coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD. I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve only seen one of the releases, and while I did like it a lot more than the average critic seemed to, it’s not particularly something that I’d have expected to be giving top honors to. That being said, today is one of those days, so we have a top pick this week coming strictly by way of default, though I’ll hedge that a bit by saying that only three releases this week actually came out in theaters, so it was a limited pool to choose from. That’s the way it goes folks, and next week is bound to be better, I assure you. To even things out a bit I’ll give the Vintage picks a little more meat to them than normal (two for the price of one essentially), but this is just the sort of day that we have to get through from time to time in order to have those better ones for the column that we love so much. Basically, my PICK OF THE WEEK is a mildly forgettable if entertaining dramedy that probably did better when it played at the Sundance Film Festival than anywhere else. That particular title will get its moment in the sun soon enough, but until that moment arrives, why don’t we focus in on some of those Vintage picks that just might save the day? Good, so we’ll do that now!

Vintage Viewing

killing-them-softly-poster-headerIn honor of this week’s release of 3 Days to Kill, I’m going to double down on the recommendations and cite both an underrated Kevin Costner film and a movie with “Kill” in its title. As for the former, that’s once again For Love of the Game (especially with Spring Training beginning this week for Major League Baseball, this is almost an annual recommendation). I’ve mentioned this one a lot, so I’ll leave it be and focus more on the latter recommendation I have for you now. That happens to be Killing Them Softly, a great flick from last year that really got shafted. It has a biting political agenda, but also is just a great showcase for Brad Pitt and filmmaker Andrew Dominik. You can see my rave review of the film right here as well as my interview with Dominik here, but if you didn’t see it last year, give it a shot now…

Films In Release

With nothing to recommend besides my top pick (literally nothing, here’s just a very simple rundown of what movies are coming out and hitting shelves today. None got a thumbs up from me, or even a viewing, but are any of them actually bad? Well, you can find out below, and it won’t take you long this week, as there’s only two of them…

On the Job

I’d never heard of this thriller until I sat down to write the column and it doesn’t have a particularly large box office haul, so something can be implied here I suppose. You can be the judge here though, since quite frankly I didn’t get the chance to be.

Box Office: $164,620


This oddly titled flick had a theatrical release, but no box office numbers are available here, so it didn’t really set the world on fire…to say the least. It’s got Stephen Dorff in it, so if you’re a fan, perhaps that’s something to entice you?

Box Office: N/A

TV Releases

  • Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Epic Series
  • Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season
  • Gentle Ben: Season Two
  • Nurse Jackie: Season Five
  • The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 5


Afternoon Delight

Afternoon-delightSince I’ve become a fan of How I Met Your Mother on television (despite an uneven final season so far), I’ve grown to see Josh Radnor as much more than just an up and coming filmmaker. He’s also a very talented actor, albeit one who’s been doing a lot of the same sort of work so far. Here though, he got to do something very different in a stellar supporting role opposite Kathryn Hahn, who gets a rare leading role and runs with it. Juno Temple is also here in a key role as the stripper that Hahn invites to live with her and Radnor in an effort to spice up their life, though Temple definitely is getting pigeonholed into one particular kind of character. You can see more about this movie in my review here, but it’s the cream of the crop this week and an indie dramedy worth checking out. Very few folks saw it in theaters despite some good notices at Sundance, so now’s your chance…

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $174,496
Major Award: Nominated for Best First Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards…

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!


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