New ‘Brave’ Clip: “Fergus Shares a Legend”


Just yesterday, Disney™ released a new clip from Disney/Pixar’s upcoming animated feature, Brave. As someone who has been anxiously awaiting the next great Pixar project, rest assured that this clip will have you salivating for that June 22nd, 2012 release date. The clip perfectly sums up the feel of Pixar’s forage into the world of Scottish lore: princesses who match brawn with brain and biting wit, imposing environments that greatly evoke its historical setting, and the perfect mixture of humor and drama amidst a Scottish kingdom’s slightly dysfunctional yet lovable family. I am stunned by the level of detail that went into each grain of animation in the film. If Merida’s flowing hair alone wows your eyesight, imagine what the end product will look like in 3D! Check out the clip below, and please share your thoughts on this sneak peek into next month’s Brave.