New cut of ‘On The Road’ will play at the Toronto Film Festival


The often impending yet always delayed release of ‘On The Road’ has been a source of bemusement and anticipation here at The Awards Circuit, especially from myself and Clayton. At long last, the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, to expectedly mixed reviews. One of the big issues seemed to be the length of the movie, and according to The Playlist here, the flick has been trimmed down by about 15 minutes or so, going from about 2 hours and 20 minutes to only a bit over 2 hours. After the jump you can see a bit about what this may do for the film, but I’d expect the adaptation to remain a niche item that will only really find its audience in the years to come on DVD and Blu-Ray. Read on below for a bit more…

Here’s the interesting part from the piece, to me at least:

Whether this makes for a smoother, sharper “On The Road” remains to be seen. If anything, Salles has kept the ambling nature of the source material intact, though the cut we saw certainly could’ve used a bit of a pacing punch up, and this may do the trick

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