New Girl Recap 3.01 “All In”

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nick-new-girl-season-3-w724Fox’s breakout comedy New Girl returned on Sept 17th with an episode that managed to tie in last season’s plotlines and set the show up this season. “All In” sees Jessica and Nick driving to Mexico to escape their roommates and work on their relationship, Schmidt struggling to decide between CeCe and Elizabeth, and Winston struggling to be a best friend while completing a puzzle.

One of the best things to happen to New Girl was the focusing of the show around Nick and Jess’ growing relationship and tonight’s episode picks up with them driving back home after the wedding from the season 2 finale. The major focus of this episode was the couple trying to establish what their relationship would be now that they were back on. After receiving about 50 texts from Winston and Schmidt, they decide to get out of here. Here being the United States, as Jess drives Nick to Mexico. Once in Mexico, the couple tries to be paradise versions of themselves, which includes stealing half-drunken cocktails at a resort and threatening a child for his wristband. Unfortunately for Nick, the child only had one and Nick ends up getting arrested in the ocean. Jess freaks out and drives back to get Schmidt and Winston, who get hoodwinked into giving away all of their money to the hotel staff before finding Nick chilling in a room. After some heartfelt conversations, they make way to leave, but Nick accidentally shreds his passport. luckily Winston puts it back together, although not well but it works, getting them back to America.

Aside from giving away all his money in Mexico, Schmidt was also having a difficult time this episode trying to decide between CeCe and Elizabeth after the two women gave him an ultimatum that he had to choose one. Of course this being Schmidt, he boggles it, telling both women that he wants to be with them. With his best friend Nick out of commission he tries to enlist Winston in helping him solve his dilemma, but Winston gets wrapped up in his puzzle, leading Schmidt to make some bad decisions. This storyline provided some episode highlights (Winston telling CeCe that he seduced Elizabeth and stole CeCe’s panties had me on the floor) but they are going to have to move quickly with this because Schmidt getting bogged down juggling two women isn’t super compelling.

Overall, the season premiere was a solid episode that set a good pace for the new season.

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Written by Terence Johnson

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