New Girl Recap 3.02 “Jacooz”

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Episode # 3.02 “Jacooz”
Synopsis: When Jess desperately tries to fit in with a clique of “mean girl” teachers at her new school, she turns to Nick for advice on how to deal with them. Meanwhile, an office party is anything but fun for Schmidt, and Winston plots revenge while cat-sitting for Daisy, whom he suspects is cheating on him.


Now that Nick and Jess are together, the show is finding really interesting ways to explore their relationship. This week saw Nick trying to help Jess fit in with a group of Mean Girls-esque teachers led by Dreama Walker. It was funny watching Nick encourage her to explore her Nick Miller side cause she’s his old lady by getting her drunk with the teachers. However, Jess takes it another step further by deciding to help the teachers break into their principal’s backyard to take a dip in his jacooz (short for jacuzzi). It obviously goes awry, but Nick shows up to at least be by Jess’ side when it falls apart. New Girl is doing a great job of making them feel like an old married couple without making them stale, and Jake and Zooey are just killing it in the acting department.

Schmidt is still in this storyline that I dislike, but Max Greenfield is really giving the story the great performance it requires but doesn’t deserve. Still juggling Elizabeth and CeCe, he is sabotaged by a coworker who invites both of them to his office party, forcing him to go to extreme lengths to keep them separate. While there are some definite laughs, there’s only so much you can ask an audience to root for a character stringing along two women. Schmidt had gone through such growth last season and having him continue this plot isn’t fair for the character or the actor.

In other news, the one character on this show the writers haven’t really figured out how to write for is Winston. You can tell the writers are throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks (this episode saw Winston trying to figure out how to murder a cat and decide if Daisy was cheating) but nothing seems to register. Which is a shame because Lamorne is a pretty gifted comedian.

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Written by Terence Johnson

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