New Girl Recap 3.04 “The Captain”



Synopsis: A vengeful Schmidt targets Jess and Nick’s relatively happy relationship. Meanwhile, when Winston learns that Furguson the cat must be neutered, he is determined to give this feline one last night of carnal glory.


After last week’s super sad and dramatic episode, we were due for an episode with some serious laughs and thankfully the New Girl writers gave us such an episode this week.

As promised last week, Schmidt does everything in his power to try and break up Nick and Jess. Initially, I was worried this plot would just add to the horribleness that has been Schmidt’s life but the writers managed to find clever subtle ways to get him to antagonize the couple like telling Jess to perform some complicated sex act called The Captain or getting into Nick’s head regarding his feelings. It of course backfires spectacularly once her eats Jess’ birth control pills, but luckily it seems that the writers have set him on a course of redemption.

Winston, still treated like the red headed step child plot wise, actually got some significant screen time this episode and provided the voice of reason tos top Schmidt’s ridiculous attempts at breaking Jess up. Watching him attempt to run a cat brothel (his words) and inadvertently wooing a girl was some of the funniest stuff they’ve had Morris do on the show.

Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel really shone this episode as their characters were drawn into Schmidt’s evil plan. Watching the aftermath of their Captain experience was just sublime as the facial expression the two made was enough to sell the joke. So much of the season is focusing on them as a couple and episodes like this find new wrinkles to throw in and explore their relationship.